As Above, So Below. Attuning to Astrological Energies

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As Above, So Below

“So what’s really going on when you do an attunement to astrological energies like you did last month with Pluto and Saturn?” asked Tracy, a long-term friend.

To answer that question, I also need to answer another question I’ve been hearing, which is, “How do astrological events like this impact us?”

As I described in a previous blog post, the ancients noticed that certain patterns in the skies reflected events here on earth. The way the ancients described the meaning of the movements of the planets was “as above, so below.”

Patterns in the Sky

That didn’t mean the ancients necessarily thought that events were already determined. Rather, they noticed that if you understood the patterns in the sky, those patterns could give you clues as to how to interpret current events. In other words, they didn’t make every daily choice by what they thought the stars were saying (like someone who reads their daily horoscope, which says something negative about the day, and then they stay home because they’re afraid something bad will happen to them).

Instead, the ancients looked for broader themes, and larger patterns. Since ancient times, students of the stars have identified the patterns, looked at what tends to happen historically when that pattern comes up in the sky, and what archetypes are highlighted when that pattern appears. They have also noticed that each pattern provides both challenges and opportunities each time it reappears.

Once you have all that information, you can then choose to work with the pattern and/or archetype as it is working out in your personal or collective life. To see how this plays out with the January 12th Saturn and Pluto conjunction in particular, click here.

Tuning in

With that background, we can return to Tracy’s question about what’s really going on in an attunement,  The word “attunement” means to “bring into harmony.” It helps you to be “in tune” with the energies that are strongly affecting you. “Alignment” means “the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other.” When you are aligned with the energies, that puts you in sync with them, and gives you a greater ability to incorporate the gifts they bring, and to use these energies more effectively.

Being attuned or aligned means that you have nature’s support for these shifts. More specifically, the attunement will connect you with the opportunities for growth that the particular planetary event is bringing.

Making the best use of astrological events

Now to answer Tracy’s question directly: First, I want to be clear that I am not doing the aligning or attuning.  It is Spirit who does that.  When you are aligned or attuned to a certain astrological happening, my understanding is that it helps you use those larger patterns in the best and most healthy way possible in your life.

Even more than that, since the patterns also have a collective influence, when a group comes together to hold space not just for themselves individually, but for the planet as well, then the attunement can help communities, nations, and all of us as humans, to make use make use of these larger patterns for the best and most healthy way forward for us all.

Chariklo, Saturn and Pluto

Speaking of making the best use of astrological events, I’m excited about the Attunement and Healing Session coming up on February 16th, because this event brings a new energy into the very intense mix of Pluto, Saturn and Capricorn that I have written about in recent posts. In fact, it brings the antidote to this mix.

What’s happening on February 16th?  Chariklo, the planet about which I spoke in my last blog post, is meeting up with Saturn and connecting with Pluto. Melanie Reinhart, an award-winning astrologer from the UK, who has done the most extensive research on Chariklo, has a wonderful metaphor for this upcoming event.

Diamond formation

Her metaphor for the symbolism of the conjunction (coming together) of Pluto and Saturn is the formation of diamonds. Diamonds are formed by intense pressure deep in the earth. And that is precisely what the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn is doing in our lives.

Chariklo mitigates that intensity. Melanie Reinhart suggests that Chariklo’s energy can help us embrace the pressure, soften around it and explore “these darkly luminous states while remembering the light of the diamond.” Practically, Chariklo’s conjunction with Saturn and Pluto can bring some grace and ease to the whole process of “diamond formation” that is taking place in the world and in our lives.

A special online Attunement and Healing Session

To support you in this, I have been guided to offer a special online attunement and healing session on February 16. It will be on Zoom, so you can join no matter where you are in the world.

Here is the link for more information.

If you are ready to join, here is the link to register.

If you are ready for some balance in your life; if you would like an antidote to the sheer intensity of what you’ve been experiencing; if you want the support of nature for creating that balance, then I invite you to this attunement.

With love and gratitude,

PS: If you would like even more support navigating the intense energies of the coming year, I have a couple spots open for individual sessions.  Check it out here.  Or book a free Discovery Call to explore working together.

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