I am very thankful for the work that Mary does, and all her great teachings.  Great teachers with a humble heart and curiosity of a child are hard to find.  Thank you for staying grounded in all of your success.

Bethany M., Manistee, Michigan

Mary was exceptional! Well versed, poised, patient, and very helpful. She commanded the subject matter and was able to clearly share and teach us extremely well. Her open and honest approach allowed us all to grow!

Bonnie M., Wellsville, Pennsylvania

I enjoyed Mary’s enthusiasm and positivity. Also, she made sure we were able to practice what she preached.

Cyndi B., St. Marys, Ohio

Mary is very knowledgeable. The material was presented in a way that was easy to understand and comprehend. Great class!

Lena S., Wapakoneta, Ohio

Mary is a star of a teacher who manages to give full attention to each individual in her classroom, no matter the size of the group. I have come to realize that for her the classroom is both the forum in which to share material that excites her and an opportunity to expand her own understanding of her subject as she addresses questions asked of her.

Mary has an appetite for learning equaled only by her passion for sharing that learning. And in her class, Moving Toward Mastery, which has a very different structure and purpose, Mary creates out of a room full of strangers a strong and safe circle within which to work through blocks in personal or professional lives that limit what we see as our potential. She brings a laser-sharp clarity to the work and wields it with unsparing gentleness.

Patsy C., Brattleboro, VT

I’ve had an issue of fear that has surfaced whenever I step up to a new level of visibility with my creative work. I’ve worked on this issue with different practitioners over the years, but there is a level that I’ve never been able to get to — until I discovered Mary.

In only two sessions she cleared the origins of the fear, and it has never returned. I’ve been able to move ahead with my creative work without having to struggle; in fact it’s become a joy to grow and expand in my work. I am amazed at the deep healing that was possible through the internet, across the world. Mary has a level of skill and depth beyond what I have ever found in a healer. Her work is potent, loving and transformative. And she does all this with empathy and care that creates complete safety. I recommend her highly.

Dr Juliet B., Auckland, New Zealand

Mary Shields creates a field of joy where deep learning and healing occur in a seemingly effortless way. Her clarity and depth of knowledge as well as her easy laughter and authenticity make the journey a rich and nourishing experience.

Erika L., Columbus, Ohio

Mary Shields, PhD is a fabulous health practitioner and teacher of health sciences – a combination of skills not often resident in one person – you are either good at one or the other.

As a practitioner, Mary has insights and access to techniques and skills that outmatch most BodyTalk and energetic healers.  She provides tremendous healing sessions that are gentle, thoughtful and intuitive.  My difficulties with spinal stenosis and insomnia have all but vanished largely due to sessions with Mary.

Mary provides a unique teaching and mentoring experience that includes foundational information and techniques. More importantly, she focuses on the personal growth that will provide you a roadmap to excellence.  If you are seeking mastery in your personal, spiritual or professional life, Mary will help you discover your individual pathway.  My experience with Mary has transformed my personal life and molded my professional approach to BodyTalk.

Joel L., CBP, PaRamaBP, CPA, Missoula, Montana

It’s a delight to work with you. You make the sessions fun(!), safe, and sacred.

Sally L., 
Florence, Kentucky

I first met Mary in 2008 when I took a BodyTalk Access class for continuing education credits for massage.  I had no idea how much of a pivotal point in my life this would be.   I was so intrigued with this class that I made personal appointments with Mary for full BodyTalk sessions.  Over time we were able to resolve my high blood pressure, chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, panic attacks and post-menopausal symptoms just to name a few!  I subsequently became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner myself and have continued on in a learning/mentoring capacity with Mary.  I have been a part of her other classes/groups which include:  Moving Towards Mastery, Mending Our Webs, Transformation and Mentoring.  If you are on a path of self-realization and wanting to hone your skills as a practitioner/healer, I highly recommend any or all of these classes/groups.

Mary is a joy!  She exemplifies professionalism and integrity.  She is a compassionate, artful communicator.  She listens to understand and is a skillful facilitator.  Her classes are always fun, energized and full of information that you can utilize immediately.

I feel truly blessed to have Mary in my life.

, Lima, Ohio

I first started seeing Mary when I was looking for possible ways to deal with Meniere’s syndrome (inner ear).  Her intake questionnaire asks questions about everything and when going through it with her, items you haven’t thought about turn up.  About six years have passed and I still see her. Haven’t had a problem with my ears for quite a while and so many other situations have been resolved.  Mary is a wonderful listener and a talented healer.  I’m a better and stronger person for having her in my life.

Dru W., 
Columbus, Ohio

Definitely work with Mary! She will show you places within yourself that you wouldn’t otherwise see. I appreciate the healing that can be received at such deep levels, over the phone, sometimes without having to say a word!

Jess A., CBP, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mary has been a mentor, healing practitioner, and an encouraging presence in my life. She has brought physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in ways I never thought possible. I appreciate Mary’s pursuit of continuing professional development and personal growth, setting a positive example for her clients and students.

Mary has opened doors I hadn’t realized were there and empowered me to shed many self-defeating behaviors. The basic healing techniques I learned in her one-day class have hastened healing in several situations and have contributed toward my overall health and wellbeing.

I am grateful for Mary’s teaching, mentoring, and healing gifts!

Rev. Phyllis H., Columbus, Ohio

It is obvious Mary has lot of experience at teaching in general and also teaching this specific material, as she made concepts that I thought were difficult become very simple.

Steve C., Lafayette, IN

Thank you for your generosity of spirit, the integrity of the work/play, holding sacred space, and the deep respect for each and every individual. I had sought such guidance forever. I am in awe of how Spirit animates you. I am very aware of the hours and love you put into this co-creation. My gratitude goes way beyond language but all I know is Thank you! You are inspiration.

It is wonderful to work with someone who integrates the emotional and spiritual aspects of being rather seamlessly. I have learned so much from you and look forward to future classes.

Terry A. St. Louis, Missouri

Mary is an exceptional teacher that utilized all learning styles to allow mastery of the information easy for all students. Her ability to focus on essential class information is excellent while still making everything fun. Personally, she has always been a beacon of shining light for me while traveling my spiritual path.

Wendy S. Grand Haven, Missiouri

The “Weaving Webs” Program offered by Mary Shields, PhD was extremely helpful to me!
I had been serving with a group applying for the Canonization of Frances Schervier. The head of the Canonization Process was in Rome. I was appointed as the local liaison between the Archdiocese in Cincinnati and the Vatican in its charge of Canonizations.

By the time of the class, we had been working on the process for 11 years, and it was nearing the end. Communications with the neurosurgeon involved in the case were very tedious. The President of my Congregation is Italian and lives in Rome.  Therefore, she was able to understand the head of the canonization process, who only speaks Italian.  Because of this, she had taken the lead in communicating with the neurosurgeon who was living in Cincinnati. It seemed that the process was at a standstill.

I recall the enlightenment I felt when you were working with me in class! I hadn’t seen the Canonization Process as a web. You also recognized my role in it as anchor or web-keeper.

When I stepped into my role as anchor or web-keeper, I realized that I needed to be the one communicating directly with the neurosurgeon, as I knew the right questions to ask. I also realized that in that role I wasn’t “taking over” in the place of the President of my Congregation. Once I took on the role of web-keeper, the whole process moved forward very quickly. I was amazed how that one shift seemed to change and speed up the whole process!

You are an excellent, superb teacher! Your explanations, demonstrations, walking us through the applications, affirming us – all aided in my learning! Facilitating and affirming us as we worked with each other were excellent teaching methods.

Your sharing of your role in Weaving Webs in your work was very helpful.

Sr. Mary Jacinta Doyle. Cincinnati, Ohio

I am so glad I took this course with Mary Shields. She makes learning fun and easy, and she is very patient. She answered questions when things were not clear or if a topic needed further clarification. Thanks, Mary!

Kerry R., Pittsburgh, PA