How Do You Deal with Chaos?

Maybe some aspect of your life has turned upside down recently. Or maybe your whole life has shifted. I’m seeing it in my own life, in the lives of my clients, and everywhere. These are chaotic [...]

How to Deal with Mental Tsunamis

Do you have what my friend, Faith, calls “that crazy roommate in your head who goes on an inner monologue that is equivalent to a mental tsunami?” What a fantastic description of the inner [...]

Do You Feel Unheard?

“Can’t you hear me scream? I’m here! I exist! I matter!” exclaimed one of my clients, Lisa, about several of her experiences this past week. I’ve been hearing varieties of this not only from [...]

Capacity as a Central Priority

Capacity, that is, having a realistic sense of how much you can do, as well as have a balance of work and play, has long been an issue for me. When it became clear to me that capacity had to be a [...]