Make this a season of kindness

Let’s create an Advent of Kindness this holiday season, and let’s extend it from today through to the new year. I challenge you (and myself) to do one act of kindness each day...

Gratitude is an Attitude

In the past few years I’ve been learning to give thanks not just for the wonderful, joyful things that happen, but also for the challenges and struggles.For them, this role has created deep [...]

Finding Stillness Within

I saw a praying mantis clinging to the screen of the house where I was on retreat last Tuesday.  Wow.  I’ve never seen one that close—and she was not totally still but was moving all over that [...]

The present is all we have

Most of us live in the past or the future. Rarely are we fully present to what’s happening here and now, and I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of NOW, as encouragement to follow [...]

The Butterfly Effect

Last week I discovered a chrysalis clinging to the back of my outdoor rocker. It was so beautiful, bright green with gold edging around the top.This was the most recent of a number of [...]

Progress, not Perfection

Like a lot of us, I was scared of my shadow side, even hiding it from myself. My old tapes didn’t allow me to be anything less than perfect. Of course, as a human being, I always was less than [...]

Beyond Separation and Judgment

Have you noticed that in our shame-oriented culture we tend to judge everything and everyone? These assessments come so naturally that we barely notice them. One glance and we estimate that an [...]

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