What to Do When You Can’t Go Back and You Aren’t Quite Where You’re Going: How to Be in This Threshold Place

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What to Do When You Can't Go Back and You Aren't Quite Where You're Going: How to Be in This Threshold Place

Do you feel like you’re in the middle — you know you can’t go back, and at the same time, you can’t quite get where you’re going?  How can you be in this threshold place?

You aren’t alone.  We are in a threshold time — it’s both a dangerous and sacred place to be.  It’s a transitional space.  The threshold is a potent place for healing and transformation.  How do you make the most of this time? How do you navigate this threshold space?  

One of my passions is helping healers and other service professionals to do the kind of deep healing and transformation that will help you prepare to move through and beyond this threshold time.  Having support for moving through the dangers and the sacredness of this time — and to find joy and peace even in the midst — can be crucial.  If this calls you to you, here is the link for more information, or please reach out to me here. Or book a Discovery Call so we can discern together.

An Offer to Help you in this Particular Threshold time:

If you missed the March 19th Celebration and Attunement Session, this continues to be a very powerful time of transition and change.  It was a  special healing session for Pluto’s move into Aquarius: the final step into the Aquarian age. This session will attune or align you to this potent transformational energy so that you can make the best use of it.  Part of the healing work I did in this session focused on how to be in this threshold (or liminal) space.  

Because of the influence of these events for the next 21 years on you individually and all of us collectively, my guidance is to make that session available if you missed it. Here is thlink for more information so you can check it out. When you purchase it, I will set it up for you to receive it as you listen/watch.  

Moving Beyond the Threshold

 My sources say that we will begin moving out of this threshold time  in May.  My next celebration, attunement and healing session on May 14 will align you to be ready to move forward with these new energies of expansion, growth, and creativity. More information coming soon. In the meantime, registration is open.  If you’re ready, here is the link to register.

Last but not least, this continues to be a watershed year. If you would like the healing support to navigate and move through this threshold year with joy and peace, I am offering the full year of attunements as a package. This package includes the 6-8 (probably 8) attunement and healing sessions plus approximately 25 more remote or special Zoom sessions just for you.  Register once and you receive all the attunements I do this year.
Registration will include the March 19 attunement. 

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