Attuning to the Stars

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Attuning to the stars

Just recently my friend Judy was asking me about attunements.  She asked a bunch of questions that I’ve been hearing from many of you recently.  

Some of the most frequent questions are:
What is an attunement?

How does an attunement work for your healing?

Why do you attune people to astrological energies? 

Why is it to important for you personally at this particular moment in our human history. 

I created this video to answer all of those questions and more.  

If you want to have a strong container of healing work to support you throughout 2023, I am once again offering an Annual Attunement Package that will include all the celebration and attunement sessions I will do in the coming year and attune you to the other major astrological events during the year and more. You can register once and receive the whole package.  Here is the link for more information.

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