My Offerings:

Physical and Emotional Healing

If you are needing healing work (physical, emotional, spiritual), there are two primary choices:

  1. Individual sessions, which can either be in-person if you’re local, or long-distance if you live elsewhere; the majority of my clients hale from various places all over the world.
  2. Spiritual Transformation Group, which is also healing work, but in a group format (via Zoom).

Mary is an exceptional teacher that utilized all learning styles to allow mastery of the information easy for all students. Her ability to focus on essential class information is excellent while still making everything fun. Personally, she has always been a beacon of shining light for me while traveling my spiritual path.

Wendy S. Grand Haven, Missiouri

Workshops & Groups:

Attunement and Healing Sessions

Celebration, Attunement and Community Healing Events to help you navigate the huge shifts we are in the midst of individually and collectively.

We are in the midst of rapid change.  Old structures continue to crumble to make way for the new.  Receive support and healing for the deep transformational work that you and the entire planet are in the midst of.

We are in the crucible right up through 2024.  It’s a time of deep transformation and change.  Each of these sessions will:
1.  Attune you to the current astrological energies that are impacting these shifts so that you can make the best use of them in your personal and spiritual growth.
2.  Attune you to the Celtic cross quarter or quarter holiday celebrations so that you can find respite in the midst of this very challenging time.  These will help ground you, and connect you to the earth and the earth’s cycles.
3.  A healing session for you.
The last part of each session is devoted to healing of the planet, with all of us participating through holding space.

These events will be offered at various times during the year.  Each event is a stand-alone event.  At the same time, just as these energies are building on each other, there will be huge benefit to attending the whole series.  Please check out the Special events page under Services above to learn more about the next session.

In 2024, I am also offering the third annual subscription to all of the sessions.  We have a growing community of people who attend every session, and they asked me for a way to be able to attend them all.  This “Annual Attunement Package (AAP)” includes all of the sessions I will do this year, as well as additional bonus attunements to events that come up during the year in between sessions.  Click the button below to find out more.

A Year of Attunements

Weaving Webs: How to Heal Relationships in Communities, Groups, and the Body

Everywhere you look these days, you see either the breakdown of relationships that wreak havoc within families, groups, and societies, or you experience the results of those breakdowns.

Weaving Webs is an energetic way to heal broken and tension-filled relationships — both in groups of people (e.g., families, social groups, institutions) and in the body.  Weaving Webs work is sacred work. It helps unravel old tangles, works with untying old knots, and contributes toward moving people toward Wholeness and personal growth.

As old structures collapse (and need to!), the old webs that formed and held those structures aren’t effective and won’t function. We need people who can work with that process energetically.  As new structures are being birthed, we also need people who will know how to weave and set the webs as the foundation for those births.

This course is specifically designed for any service professional who either works with the body, and family or group dynamics, either as part of their work with individuals, or working directly with groups, teams, and/or institutions.

Please be on the lookout for upcoming free webinars where you can learn more about what it is and how it works!  Check back often in Weaving Webs under the Service tab above.

Weaving Webs

I first met Mary in 2008 when I took a  class for continuing education credits for massage. I had no idea how much of a pivotal point in my life this would be. I was so intrigued with this class that I made personal appointments with Mary for full healing sessions. Over time we were able to resolve my high blood pressure, chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, panic attacks and post-menopausal symptoms just to name a few! I have continued on in a learning/mentoring capacity with Mary, and have been part of her other classes which include: Moving Toward Mastery, Mending Our Webs, Spiritual Transformation Group, and Mentoring. If you are on a path of self-realization and wanting to hone your skills as a practitioner/healer, I highly recommend any or all of these classes/groups.

Mary is a joy! She exemplifies professionalism and integrity. She is a compassionate, artful communicator. She listens to understand and is a skillful facilitator. Her classes are always fun, energized and full of information that you can utilize immediately.

I feel truly blessed to have Mary in my life.

Debra B., LMT, CBP, CMLDT, 
Lima, Ohio

If you’re a healer or service professional:

Mentoring Group

A small group of people who wish to grow and expand their practice or profession under the guidance of Spirit and from a heart-centered, grounded place. We meet virtually twice/month. You can live anywhere to join.

Mentoring Group

Mary Shields, Ph.D. is a fabulous health practitioner and teacher of health sciences — a combination of skills not often resident in one person — most are either good at one or the other. Mary is the rare combination of both.

As a practitioner, Mary has insights and access to techniques and skills that outmatch most bodywork and energetic healers. She provides tremendous healing sessions that are gentle, thoughtful and intuitive. My difficulties with spinal stenosis and insomnia have all but vanished largely due to sessions with Mary.

Mary provides a unique teaching and mentoring experience that includes foundational information and techniques. More importantly, she focuses on the personal growth that will provide you a roadmap to excellence.

If you are seeking mastery in your personal, spiritual or professional life, Mary will help you discover your individual pathway. My experience with Mary has transformed my personal life and molded my professional approach to healing.

Joel L., CBP, PaRamaBP, CPA, 
Missoula, Montana

For Students and Clients Ready For Advanced Work

Once you have worked with me for awhile, and are well into your healing, there is another group experience: Moving Toward Mastery.

Two- to-three times a year, my clients are invited to come to an intensive two-day retreat.

Moving Toward Mastery

Not Sure Where to Start?

I invite you to a free twenty minute discovery call, and we can figure out together what most fits your needs.

Book Discovery Call

Would you like to host a class in your area?

I love to travel and teach, and I’m seeking some motivated, heart-guided individuals to work with. I’m looking for coordinators to help bring my healing workshops to interested communities in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.

I’m looking to create and nourish strong relationships that will be mutually beneficial for you, for me, and for the students advancing their own healing and that of their clients.

If you are interested in bringing a class to your area, click the button below for more information on the benefits of coordinating, as well as the coordinator application form.