Moving Toward Mastery

A Student-Centered Intensive

Designed by Spirit to empower and expand

An opportunity for deep experiential learning and transformation from a heart-centered perspective.

Mastery is something we all want to attain, and most of us seek for it outside ourselves. However, true mastery is mastery of the self. Our childhood wounds and experiences are the crucible that forms us.

Working with the wounded healer path to clear our own inner debris—shame, wounds, and past experiences.

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    You will learn to be more present in your life and in your work.
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    You will develop your inner wisdom and watch it flourish.
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    You will come to accept and work with your shadow side as well as your light.
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    You will free yourself to reach the full power of who you are 
as a whole being—integrating body, mind, emotion, spirit.
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    You may even discover gifts you never knew you carry.

Mary is a star of a teacher who manages to give full attention to each individual in her classroom, no matter the size of the group. I have come to realize that for her the classroom is both the forum in which to share material that excites her and an opportunity to expand her own understanding of her subject as she addresses questions asked of her. Mary has an appetite for learning equaled only by her passion for sharing that learning. And in her class, Moving Toward Mastery, which has a very different structure and purpose, Mary creates out of a room full of strangers a strong and safe circle within which to work through blocks in personal or professional lives that limit what we see as our potential. She brings a laser-sharp clarity to the work and wields it with unsparing gentleness.

Patsy C., Brattleboro, VT

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