Individual Sessions

You’ve been working hard to get healthy!

Maybe you feel really “stuck” in life: work, relationships, etc., and now you’re beginning to have some physical challenges as well.

Or, you have some trauma in your past, and you know you need to heal the trauma to feel whole.

Despite all your work, Western medicine, and even some alternatives, have not gotten you to a place of complete healing and wellbeing.


One reason these modalities may not have been effective is because most healing approaches focus on eradicating symptoms rather than dealing with causes. Other methods emphasize only one aspect of healing – physical or psychological, for example; they don’t work with all of who you are.

What is crucial is to heal what caused the symptoms in the first place; for deep healing to occur, you need to work through the Language of the Heart and Body including all aspects of body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Let me share something that is not very well-known. Two people with the exact same symptoms or diagnosis will not have the same route to healing. What got each one to that diagnosis is as unique as their background, history and lifestyle. Therefore each person’s healing path can be radically different.

When you work with me I will offer an approach that:

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    Will be specific to you.
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    Doesn’t rely on diagnosis.
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    Works with causes rather than symptoms.
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    And works with all of who you are:  physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I’ve had an issue of fear that has surfaced whenever I step up to a new level of visibility with my creative work. I’ve worked on this issue with different practitioners over the years, but there is a level that I’ve never been able to get to — until I discovered Mary.

In only two sessions she cleared the origins of the fear, and it has never returned. I’ve been able to move ahead with my creative work without having to struggle; in fact it’s become a joy to grow and expand in my work. I am amazed at the deep healing that was possible through the internet, across the world. Mary has a level of skill and depth beyond what I have ever found in a healer. Her work is potent, loving and transformative. And she does all this with empathy and care that creates complete safety. I recommend her highly.

Dr Juliet B., Auckland, New Zealand

Your sessions will also show you:

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    The link between your current dis-ease and your past, and how healing the past heals the present.
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    At least three ways your feeling of being “stuck” can actually be a gift – and a great place from which to heal.
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    The root of all dis-ease, and how working with that root can change your health dramatically.
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    How so much of what you may view as “negative” in your life, especially the things that drive you crazy or “trigger” a reaction in you, are the greatest gifts to your healing.

What experience and skills do I bring?


For a couple decades, I have worked with people from all over the world, including many healing practitioners. I am certified in several healing modalities and have taken courses in even more, and I bring the wealth of that knowledge to my work. In order to be in service to my clients, I am always learning and studying. More specifically, my approach to healing integrates all of the following modalities: BodyTalk, Reiki, SourcePoint Therapy, Access Consciousness™ Bars, shamanism, sound healing, and more.

In addition, I bring a background in counseling and spiritual direction, as well as extensive academic experience. Together they provide a foundation for me to address the spiritual aspects of dis-ease from a variety of religious and philosophical perspectives.

It’s a delight to work with you. You make the sessions fun(!), safe, and sacred.

Sally L., 
Florence, Kentucky

It’s a delight to work with Mary. She makes the sessions fun(!), safe and sacred.

Sally L., 
Florence, Kentucky

What are some benefits of doing individual sessions?

Here are some of the results my clients report:

  • Feeling more at ease with themselves and their lives.
  • Feeling better able to deal with challenges of all kinds.
  • A sense of resilience.
  • Physical symptoms resolve.
  • Old emotional storage is cleared.
  • Shame no longer rules their lives.
  • The past does not impinge on the present nearly as much.
  • Less anxiety and/or fear.
  • More joy and lightness.
  • “Stuckness” is gone and they feel like they’re moving forward with ease.
  • Old habits die away.
  • Feeling more present in their lives.

I first started seeing Mary when I was looking for possible ways to deal with Meniere’s syndrome (inner ear). Her intake questionnaire asks questions about everything and when going through it with her, items you haven’t thought about turn up. About six years have passed and I still see her. I haven’t had a problem with my ears for quite a while and so many other situations have been resolved. Mary is a wonderful listener and a talented healer. I’m a better and stronger person for having her in my life.

Dru W., 
Columbus, Ohio

Let me answer some of your questions.

What is a Session Like?

You may be wondering what you will experience in a session with me. The first session will involve going over your intake form, getting a sense of what your priorities are, and learning the history behind the issues you bring. Then, knowing that all healing comes from Source, in each session I surrender to Source, surrender to the gifts I carry, and surrender in service to you. From there, using bio-muscular feedback, I follow the body’s priorities for healing. Your body is able to clearly dictate its unique needs. By connecting to what is ready to shift into higher states of balance and harmony, your body can then tap into its own innate or inborn wisdom that knows how to heal completely. Just as every person is different, so is every session. Even sessions for the same person will differ each time.

In-person and long-distance sessions work slightly differently. If you see me in person, we begin with some conversation, and then you will lie on a massage table (fully clothed) for the rest of the session. I will use a tapping procedure (tapping gently on the three brains: the head, the heart, and the gut) to help your body take in what we are focusing on, and begin to do the healing work.

If you are a long-distance client, there are two ways I work:

I will call you at our appointment time, and we will first “check in” about what’s been going on for you since last session, and any results or changes you’ve noticed. Then you will hang up the phone, lie down and relax, while I do the session. Afterwards, I will call you back to discuss what occurred during the session.

The other possibility is for you to send me an email check-in; I’ll do the session and send you a recording.

How many sessions will it take? How long will you be working with me?

One of the first questions people ask me is “How many sessions will it take?” And of course, just as each person’s route to the issues they bring to sessions is different, the number of sessions it takes to heal will differ from person to person depending on what you and your body’s priorities are. We work until we have dealt with all the root causes of whatever issues you bring. That can take a few sessions for straightforward issues, but more likely, you’re coming to me for something more deeply rooted, or that you’ve had awhile.

For most clients, I recommend starting with a commitment of 6 months, connecting weekly or biweekly; after that, together we reevaluate, and choose the best path forward.

Six months? That seems like such a long time. Do I really need that much time?

I understand! When I began my healing journey from fibromyalgia I wanted quick change. I wanted to be free of the pain and all it brought with it. And I learned that doing the inner work that goes with complete healing  — the kind where you don’t revisit the disease again — takes time. Clearing out all that brought you to this place can be tender at times.

What I can say is this: if you commit to 6 months, you will experience benefits. And as you continue work, I’ve found myself that it gets better and better as it goes deeper. That’s not to say that you won’t experience results in a couple sessions — especially if you participate fully in your healing! I also find that how soon one experiences results differs from client to client. And it simply takes time to deal with all the factors that contributed to where you are now.

I have seen many clients feel better and have more ease after just a few sessions. And the deeper and lasting change often takes some time for you to integrate it fully.

I have some clients who are complete after 6 months or so, and others who, once we’ve completed our initial work, find that they want to focus on other issues, and we continue, but with a shifted focus. I also have some clients who have gone on to the second type of healing work I do (the Individual Wounded Healer Training*), who have worked with me for years. Beyond the first 6 months, we continue to reevaluate periodically, and discuss together what happens next.

*The Individual Wounded Healer Training is a customized program. For more information, please contact me.

Contact Me
Is there another option before I commit to a full 6 months?

Realizing that you may want to get to know me and the work before you commit to 6 months, I offer a “Get Started” package that includes the in-depth intake session and two more sessions. That way we can get to know one another, you can begin to experience the healing work, and we can then discern together what’s next.

What are the Details for New Clients?

All options for new clients start with a free Discovery call. If we discern that we want together, I start.

Here is how I start with new clients:

I offer a “Get Started” Package: A package for new clients that consists of the intake session plus 2 more weekly or biweekly sessions: Investment is $570, payable either in full, or in two installments of $285.

After that, if you’re ready to jump in and work together for 6 months, I offer a 6- month package consisting of 24 weekly or 12 biweekly sessions for 6 months. Sessions are $175/session, and you can choose whether to pay before each session, monthly, in two or three installments, or in full.

If you’re interested, book a free discovery call.

If you are a new client, you’ll go to a form where you’ll give me a little information about yourself. Next you’ll schedule a time for us to talk. And then we’ll have an exploratory conversation so I can find out more about you, we can see if we’re a fit, and I can assess and see if I can really help you or not.