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Have you ever heard of colostrum?

Colostrum is the first and most nutrient dense food consumed by every mammal. Although colostrum is classified as a supplement in the US, it’s the only 100% complete whole food of every mammal species. In fact, if you were breast fed as a baby, you’ve already benefited from colostrum and that’s the only time in your entire life where you consumed a true whole food- that’s why as a baby, when you were nursing, your Mother didn’t need to feed you additional fruits, veggies and protein. Bovine or cow colostrum is up to 1000x more nutrient dense than human colostrum and, it’s the only colostrum that is 100% bio-available to every other mammal on the planet. For more information, click here.

There are over 700 different health benefits including supporting your body’s ability to do 3 things that are really important:

  1. Colostrum supports your body’s ability to stimulate your metabolism. This is why some clients report they are feeling tons more energy, losing fat, toning and/or gaining muscle, naturally.
  2. Colostrum supports your body’s ability to stimulate and/or regulate your immune system. This is why some clients with health challenges are reporting that their bodies are responding.
  3. Colostrum supports your body’s ability to stimulate and produce more Human growth hormone. Hgh in your body is responsible for organ, tissue and cell repair, renewal and replacement. This is why some clients are reporting that they’re noticing anti-aging benefits like younger looking skin, better endurance, improved breathing and more.

Why I recommend Anovité?

I have experienced tremendous results myself: in the first 3 weeks of taking it, my sleep was better, I took off 12-15 pounds spontaneously, I lost inflammation I didn’t know I had, and some muscular issues I had been working on for awhile completely resolved. Then I began working out and taking Flex 6 before and after: and – not just me, but the person working with me (who teaches exercise and fitness), was blown away by how fast I gained strength and flexibility. Then I began to see big results in a lot of my clients. One took 50 points off their blood sugar levels in 2 weeks, for example!

My Favorite Anovité Products:

  • Colostrum capsules and powder.

    Colostrum capsules and powder.

    This is the perfect food. It has health benefits on every level!

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  • LimuZ6.


    This product works especially on the immune, endocrine and nervous systems. I noticed an immediate difference in boosting my metabolism. The first time I took it, I was on a trip, and I slept better and longer than I have in years.

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  • Flex 6.

    Flex 6.

    This product has helped me build muscle and flexibility quickly and easily. Bonus: when I take it before and after a workout, I have no pain – even when adding new exercises or doing an especially big workout. I am no athlete, but for those of you that are, athletes are experiencing amazing results!

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