Do you have a heart
for serving others,
but you feel like
you could give much
more than you have been?

Since 1982, I have been helping people to find and fully use their gifts and talents.

You’ve done all of this work — both inner and outer. You may have even gotten all the certifications. You know what you’re doing! Yet sometimes you feel you keep hiding or holding yourself back.

Others tell you that you do great work, but you can’t get past your internal sense that you aren’t good enough. If you’re in professional service, sometimes you don’t get enough clients, or some of your clients aren’t moving along as quickly as you thought they would. And it becomes a vicious cycle.

What happened to the enthusiasm you felt initially? You’re so full of love, passion, and confidence that you can actually help people, but something’s not working. Despite all you have done, you feel stuck.

What’s getting in your way?

Do you wonder whether reaching people — and really helping them — has more to do with what’s going on within you and less to do with your skills?

You know you need support to serve others fully.

You’re in the right place if:

You want to find your internal strength, and tap into it in your daily professional and personal life so that you’re using your gifts and talents powerfully and with confidence.

And you have a sense that once that happens, your work will just take off.

You can move past your inner barriers and get to a place where you’re confident and secure in what you’re doing, and you get deeper and stronger results.

I will help you clear your inner obstacles so you can:

  • Have the freedom and power to step into your life.
  • Work with all the gifts you carry.
  • Find the ability to receive more abundantly.

I’m Mary Shields. I have supported thousands of clients and students through deep transformation. I bring together a strong grounding in spiritual practices from a number of traditions, experience as a teacher/professor, and more than two decades of practice and teaching in a range of healing modalities.

Mary Shields creates a field of joy where deep learning and healing occur in a seemingly effortless way. Her clarity and depth of knowledge, as well as her easy laughter and authenticity, make the journey a rich and nourishing experience.

Erika L., Columbus, Ohio

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