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Why am I giving you my newsletter and this audio for free?

I’d like to give you a small taste of one of the ways I work and at the same time, I’d like you to feel nurtured.  I know how it feels to be pulled in a lot of different directions at once, and how important it is to find a place of stillness and connection with yourself and the earth.  This is a meditation that can be used any time you feel the need to come back to center.

I come to each newsletter in remembrance or prayer (contemplation), and with world events, the season, or other outside influences in mind.  Each time I write, it feels like it is a kind of “download” from Spirit.

My newsletter will always have something to do with your personal or spiritual path in the context of whatever’s going on in the world presently and/or in the context of the season. It comes from my heart to yours, and I give you something practical you can do or consider.

Occasionally, I will include articles from others that I think you will find helpful in your life and/or work.   My newsletter lets you know you aren’t alone in your struggles, and gives you something you can hold on to in the coming month.

I always enjoy receiving your newsletters. I just wanted to write and tell you how moving this month’s was. Wise, articulate & eloquent as always, but it truly struck a chord with the zeitgeist we are in and how we ought to be amidst it.

Sona S., Bay area, California

What a wonderful newsletter!  This one really hit home to me.

Christine N., Dayton, Ohio

Lovely and timely reflection.

Dorothy F., Winnipeg, Manitoba

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