Moving Beyond Dualism: Shifting the Balance Between Masculine and Feminine

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Moving Beyond Dualism: Shifting the Balance between Masculine and Feminine

My friend, Nan, and I were talking about the move beyond dualism that’s coming with this huge move of Pluto into Aquarius.  I was talking specifically about how these next 20 years are going to shift the balance between masculine and feminine.

She said:  “Well, I’m not really into feminism.”

My immediate reply was: “But this isn’t about feminism.”

And then we laughed.  

Then I replied: “This is actually about the larger shift from the past 2000-3000 years of toxic masculinity and it’s not about swinging the pendulum to the other side.  It’s all about balance.  This shift is about bringing the masculine and feminine into balance with one another.

I want to be clear.  When I’m talking about masculine and feminine, not only am I not talking about feminism, but I’m also not talking about male and female.  We all have both the masculine and the feminine in us.  

Whether you identify as male, female, or neither, you have both masculine and feminine qualities.  We just talk about them this way because we’ve been living in a dualistic world for the past 2-3000 years.  It’s a world that divides everything into either/or, makes everything into opposites, and then pits those opposites against each other.

Moving Beyond Dualism:  a new phase for humanity

Where we’re going:  we’re actually moving into a new phase of our humanity which is moving out of dualism.  More than that, every spiritual tradition I know says that the goal of the spiritual path is to move beyond dualism.  The Sufi tradition, for example, talks about God as being the One.  

And the shift that’s coming in March is going to help us shift out of dualism and into unity consciousness.  

Now I need to be clear again.  Unity does not mean homogeneity, or sameness. 

Unity does not mean everyone thinks and does the same thing.  True unity includes diversity.

It’s like a Venn diagram, where two or more circles intersect.  The parts that don’t intersect are the differences of each, while the parts that intersect have the commonalities. The goal is to make those places of intersection larger.

Don’t be fooled!

Nan said, “Well all that’s well and good, but what do I do with this information?” 

Great question!   Here’s the first step:  When you see all this malarkey going on in the 3-D world– you can say:  Wait!  Pause and take a deep breath.  Look deeper.  There’s another level.

Stay with me here.  I’m going to take a foray into real men and women for a minute. 

Right now, it looks like we’re going in the opposite direction.  Everywhere you turn, real women are being marginalized or worse:  the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the Taliban oppressing and abusing women, the current media scandal about women and ageism, just to name a few.  Sometimes I feel like I’m beginning to live The Handmaid’s Tale.   Do you resonate?

Women are attacked every day:  mentally, spiritually, theologically, politically, and more..  It seems to be getting worse.  And that’s the point. 

Rather than getting scared, look at these extremes happening with real men and women as signs of the old ways unraveling.  Before a major shift, the voices trying to hold on to power, and to old ways of being become very very loud and strident.

Don’t be fooled.  Remember that this shift is going well beyond any concept of male/female or masculine/feminine.  It’s going to the heart of what draws us together.  And it’s going to look like it’s doing the opposite before it does.

Let the Epiphany Moments Begin

Now is the time to go inside and see where your masculine/feminine might be out of balance.  Now is the time to explore the places where you have been hurt by toxic masculinity and femininity.  

This is the time to heal those places so you can be part of the shift to bring them into balance.  We are right in the midst of the biggest transformation humanity has ever seen. Stay in your heart, and do your part to help bring that balance and transformation into being.  

Nan responded, “Let the epiphany moments begin.”

In my upcoming attunement to this huge event that we’ve been moving towards for more than two years, I will be doing some deep healing work around the masculine and feminine and helping you to bring it into balance.  If this calls to you, I hope you will join me.  If you know you want to join, here is the link to register.  More information is coming very soon.

If you would like support through this watershed year, I am also offering a full year of attunements.  This theme will be a strong theme in each attunement this year. One of my specialties in my private practice is working with this balance of masculine and feminine.  Finally, if you would like to learn more, or explore all the options for working with the move beyond dualism, please book a free Discovery Call so we can discern together how I can support you. 

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