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Do you have a peaceful space that you’ve created in your home — even a small corner, or part of a table — that you can go to for calm and respite?

My friend, Polly, and I were talking about how important creating a peaceful space for yourself is in these times.  With so much turbulence going on — and a lot more to come — it’s even more important to have a place or space where you can find some peace in the midst of the whirlwind.

Polly told me that her friend Renee had done just this.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or even a lot of space.  It certainly doesn’t have to cost much, if any at all.

Because Renee likes to sit on the floor, she put out a yoga mat.  Next to it she has a diffuser and a music player.

The next thing she did was find some sand at a craft store and put it in a tupperware bowl.

Every day she takes a few minutes to be in this space.  It takes just a couple minutes to turn on the diffuser, put on some calming sounds (rain falling, a waterfall, or even some calming music).

The next thing she does is opens the tupperware bowl and lets the sand run through her fingers, or draws a line or circle or infinity sign or some figure in the sand.

Once Renee is done, she puts the lid back on the bowl and sets it aside until the following day.

This allows her to empty her mind out and get grounded.

Renee says it de-clutters her mind, and helps her drop into peace. Polly has noticed that it seems to also be rejuvenating for her. It changes her entire day.

As we prepare for the huge shift of Pluto into Aquarius, and all the changes that are going to occur, it’s more important than ever to have a space to help you empty your mind, connect with Spirit, and get grounded.

From this peaceful pace, you can stay above the fray.  You can see the fear-mongering for what it is, and not get caught up in it.  You can also stay out of the drama — and it’s going to get even more dramatic.

Renee doesn’t have to spend a long time in this space.  Within two-three minutes, she feels grounded and can move on with her day.

Do you have a peaceful space like this?  Can you create one if you don’t?  It can be as simple as decluttering a table next to a chair.  You could put a cloth or a table runner on it, have a candle to light or a diffuser to diffuse some essential oils. You could have a space to put something that will play calming sounds or music.

Once you create that space, give yourself a couple minutes each day to come to this space and empty your mind and get grounded.

Did you know that when you do that over a period of time, you actually set up neural pathways that will help you get calmer faster?

After 3-4 weeks of doing this daily even for 2-3 minutes, you will have set up the neural pathway that will mean as you even think about that space, you will begin to calm down and your mind will start to clear. As you move toward it in your house or apartment, you will find yourself already beginning to shed the busyness and mind-swirling.

Some days it won’t be like that, of course. Sometimes we all have days where everything seems to be swirling.  But your body will remember and help you find the calmness in the midst of that swirling.

One last thing — and perhaps the most important of all.

Renee has committed to doing one thing every single day to bring peace to her home.  It can be very small and only take a minute to do — like putting on a wonderful piece of music, or clearing up some clutter.

For her, the key is keeping it very small — something that literally takes less than 5 minutes.  I love this, and I am making this commitment myself.


What she might not know is that when she does this, it sends ripples out.  Every time any one of us does this, it contributes peace to a world that desperately needs it. It also contributes to the huge transformational shift we’re in the midst of.

Anything you can do to help yourself stay out of the 3-D chaos is going to help you.  But it will also help all of those whom you come in contact with, and help the world.

My favorite astrologer, Pam Gregory, has been talking about “starving out the scary and loving in the good.” Her challenge is more important than ever as we move through these huge transformative, paradigm-shifting times.  Creating a peaceful space is an excellent way to help yourself do just that.

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