How Do You Keep Your Equilibrium When Everything Around You is Shifting?

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Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about how everything feels up in the air. It doesn’t matter what age, what gender, what your job is – people are looking for certainty.  What I hear people asking over and over again is:  how do you keep your equilibrium when everything around you is shifting?

What do you do when:

🌎   the whole world seems to be shifting and changing;

🌎   there is so much turbulence in almost every arena;

🌎   war is escalating;

🌎   there’s been yet another school shooting;

🌎   the voices crying out for freedom are rising, but countries and institutions are putting them down as fast as they rise;

🌎  everything around you feels surreal?

It’s…the Twilight Zone

I know this is going to date me, but it feels like we’ve all stepped into the Twilight Zone.

When everything is up in the air, what we want is stability.  We want something definite and sure.  That leads us to want to reach for the familiar.  You’ll find yourself doing it even if you don’t like it or it’s uncomfortable. You want something you can hold or touch.

So what do you do in the midst of a time — like now — where anything that seems certain is almost guaranteed to be an illusion?

Don’t Follow the Fear

First and foremost, don’t follow the fear.

It is in such times as this that fear mongers have their heyday. In the next few weeks and months, you are likely to see more and more people trying to control you out of fear. The media is great at this, as are the old top-down governments, corporations, and people of power. In their desperation to hold on to their power, they will spout fear.

The thing is, that fear often has fertile ground.  Why?  It’s natural to be afraid of the unknown. When nothing feels stable, fear and/or anxiety is the first response. 

It’s not only natural to feel that, but it’s OK.  The key is not to stay there. The key is find ways to keep your equilibrium.

So how do you do that?  How do you maintain your balance when the world has gone topsy turvy?

Make a Habit of Being Aware

One of the big keys to moving through these times is reminding yourself that we’re in the midst of the biggest transformation that humanity has ever gone through. 

Instead of following the fear, make a habit of being aware.  Face the uncertainty and remind yourself it is part of this larger shift into freedom and unity consciousness.

I cannot stress enough that any kind of grounding or centering practice will serve you tremendously well. It can be as simple as walking outdoors and feeling the sun on your face, or putting your bare feet in the grass, or even hugging a tree. 

Be Deliberate

Next, be deliberate in your thoughts and actions.

If you are feeling a lot of fear, find something that you are grateful for and focus on that. You can’t be in fear and gratitude at once. Make a habit of gratitude.   You can also access another practice here- Coping with Uncertainty

This is also the time to make a habit of love, and of compassion – for yourself and others. Do something to nourish yourself daily.  And do an act of kindness daily. 

Connect With Others

Finally, don’t go it alone.  Do not isolate.  Instead, find places to connect with others 

Each of these actions may seem very small, but every time you do one of these things, you not only step outside of the fear and anxiety, but you create a calmer, more peaceful state of mind.  More than that, you also support the transformation we are in the midst of.

Is it possible to get rid of the uncertainty of these times?  No.  But you can move through with awareness, peace, gratitude, and love.  This is how to find equilibrium when everything around you is shifting.

In times like these, it can be really helpful to have support. If this is you, I have a few openings for individual clients. Check it out here.  Or book a free Discovery Call to explore working together.

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