Tension, Unrest, Political Turmoil, Climate Change…

An online attunement, February 16, to help balance out the intensity of this astrological moment.

You may be continuing to experience the tensions, perhaps even fear, that all the unrest, political hatred, climate change, and major world shifts have been creating.

You may realize that the feminine and masculine are terribly out of balance in our time and culture, and want to do what you can in your own being to heal that imbalance in yourself and the collective.

You may see the old patriarchal structures collapsing, and know that the way forward involves healing both the masculine and feminine. You yearn to overcome polarity in your personal, emotional and spiritual life.

Chariklo and Saturn: Bringing Feminine Balance

You realize that you have both masculine and feminine qualities, and that both need to be healed, honored – and more than that – nurtured – both in yourself and in the world.

Do you resonate with one of these situations?

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    If you’re a woman, you want to step into your power, hold your ground, and set and maintain boundaries, as you hold a strong sacred space for the shifts that are coming.  You want to embrace your feminine Wisdom, come out of hiding, and stand strong.
  • knot-white
    If you’re a man, you know and understand that the structures need to shift.  You support Wise women and strong female voices. You want to embrace your feminine and masculine qualities and step forward to forge a new way that encompasses both.
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    Whatever your gender identity, you know that all of us need to step into our power in positive and non-toxic ways.  You also know that the way forward is in community not in isolation. You want to restore balance to polarized culture and wholeness to the broken world.

If you’re sensitive to the global energies you may have felt pressure building around any or all of these issues.

What you’ve been feeling is the buildup to a powerful astrological event happening on February 16.

A newly discovered planet, Chariklo, and Saturn are meeting (an exact conjunction in astrological terms), and together, they are joining with Pluto (a conjunction).  This event provides a much-needed balance to the huge astrological event of January 12 – mitigating the strong yang energy that has been dominant on the world stage with a much needed yin balance.

Attunement and Healing Session

I have been guided to offer a special attunement and healing session on February 16 to support you in the big shifts that are coming with this event, and as well to support you as you enter this year and this decade.

This session is for all!

If you are experiencing or have experienced both the contraction and the push toward transformation that we’ve been undergoing — and deep inside, you know that the way forward involves both masculine and feminine, men and women, to come together – then this alignment is for you.

What is an attunement or alignment and what is its power?

Attunement means to “bring into harmony.”  It helps you to be “in tune” with the energies that are strongly affecting us.  Alignment means “the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other.”  When you are aligned with the energies, that puts you in sync with them, and gives you a greater ability to incorporate the gifts they bring, and to use these energies more effectively.

Being attuned or aligned means that you have nature’s support for these shifts.  This session will connect you with the opportunities for growth that this planetary event is bringing.

This alignment and healing session will help you:

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    Move through any constrictions you have been feeling
  • knot-white
    Use these energies to deepen the transformational work you’ve already done
  • knot-white
    Step into the year and the decade with more grace and ease
  • knot-white
    Use these energies to their fullest – to free yourself from constriction, to work through your shadow so that you can come into your full gifts

It will support you even more specifically in:

  • knot-white
    the inner transformation that you have been working on
  • knot-white
    any structural or foundational shifts you’ve been making

Note: If you have been afraid to step into your power, or afraid to allow yourself to truly shine with all your gifts, you will find this session especially helpful.

As your Guide

Since 2003, I have been working with astrological energies as a healing practitioner. About a decade ago, Spirit gave me the gift of attuning and aligning people with these energies in such a way that they can use them for their greatest benefit and healing. I have been working both individually and in groups in this way ever since.  I have been guided to offer this attunement and healing session as one of several that will work with the huge shifts this year.

I have also been teaching and studying the Feminine and the Feminine Divine both academically and in healing classes and groups since the mid-1980’s. I have empowered hundreds of people of all gender identities to explore and recover the balance of masculine and feminine in their lives. I am excited to be able to bring this part of my background and expertise into this session.

Plant and Nurture the seeds for 2020 and beyond

This year is chock-full of astrological events that collectively are going to shift us all. Following closely on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (or coming together) on January 12, the event coming up on February 16 is crucial to how we navigate the rest of the year and the decade.  This is an incredibly powerful time to plant and nurture the seeds of what you want to develop not just for 2020, but for the entire decade ahead.

This year’s energies will continue to be intense. Get the help you need to move through them with as much grace and ease as possible.

What are the Details?

Date:  February 16, 2020

Time:  8 – 9:30 pm eastern time

We will meet via Zoom.

Once you sign up, even if you cannot be on the call, you will receive the attunement and healing session.

The event will be recorded; you will also receive the recording.

Please note that you must be personally registered to receive the session and attunement(s).

What happens on the call?

I will begin with some information on the astrological event, and the challenges and opportunities it brings, then dive into the attunement(s) and session, which I will explain as it happens.  There will be some short periods of silence.  I may ask you to breathe deeply or tap your head, heart and navel (the three brain centers of the body — to learn more, click here).  The last part of the session is devoted to healing of the planet, with all of us participating through holding space.

Generally, you are in a relaxed, receptive state throughout. I do suggest you have a notebook handy for any notes you wish to make.  I also suggest that you make sure you are in a private, receptive space.

It is especially powerful if you can be on video for this first part of the call, as we can see and feel each other more directly that way.  And not to worry if you can’t be on the call live, or need to be on audio/phone only:  if you are registered for the call, you are fully connected into the entire event.

What might you experience during or after the session?

You may or may not feel anything during or after the session.  That’s perfectly fine.  The energy and healing will still be working in you whether you can feel it or not. Whatever you experience (or don’t experience) is just right for you.  You will receive what you need.

You may seem to “fall asleep” during the session.  Or, you may fall asleep every time you try to listen to the session for awhile.  This is also perfectly normal.  If this happens, know that you are in a very deep, restful state where Spirit can do the deeper work inside you.  Don’t resist it and don’t worry — you haven’t missed a thing! Just follow your body’s needs as you listen, and the session will work in you as it needs to.

After the session you may feel energized and ready to take on the world, or you may feel, as my client Linda told me, “Like I was hit with a truck.”  The session will affect you differently than it will other people.  What you feel after one session may be completely different than what you feel after another. The energy and healing will be continuing to work in you for quite some time.  Be gentle with yourself, especially the day after.  Drink lots of water, rest, and give yourself time to integrate.

What others have said about attunements

“Powerful,” and “Incredible” are the most-used adjectives from the vast majority of those who wrote to me after the January 12 attunement.

“Thank you Mary. I so enjoyed the session and the background and astrological facts that accompanied it. It was a great evening and loved being connect to 99+ people I’ve never met, but we will be connected now for sure. The healing of the planet was wonderful and so needed.”
Cindy H., N.C

“I joined the group only by phone last night and was blown away by the energy I felt during both the attunements and healings.”  A few days later, she wrote, “My awareness seems more expansive and I sense being an integral part of the Whole.”
Becky A., Ohio

Registration:  $45

You may join by clicking the button below.  Please read what is in green below. It tells you what will happen next.

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I’ve registered.  What happens next?

When you register, you will receive a welcome email.  A day or two before the event, you will receive a reminder with the Zoom link (you can join either via video or phone or both).

If you have questions, please ask!