A New Year, a New Decade and New Beginnings: How to Navigate the Transformational Cosmic Event on January 12 2020

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Pluto-Saturn Conjunction on January 12 2020

Happy New Year – and welcome to a new decade!

What do these events have in common:   The Lutheran Reformation, the beginning of WW1, the founding of the International Monetary Fund?

All of these events occurred when Saturn and Pluto came together.  This conjunction, as it is called in astrology, has brought global wars, the breakdown of old structures, the building of new systems, and massive societal and political change.  And it’s happening on January 12th of this year.

A cosmic event on January 12, 2020

What makes this event even more special?  It hasn’t occurred in the house of Capricorn for more than 500 years!  That’s the time of the Protestant Reformation (think Martin Luther). In some ways we are still experiencing the global impact of those events back in 1518.

Because of that, and because of all the other astrological energies around it, January 12th is going to be a big day – and it’s kicking off an even bigger year, not to mention the new decade!

A Global Reset

We are in for a global reset in all sorts of ways in the coming year and decade. Not only are we already seeing wars and rumors of wars, but we’re seeing economic and political systems on their last legs, collapsing, or in the midst of tremendous change.  That’s what has happened at every Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and it’s already playing out on the world stage.

This is a time of great possibilities for change and growth. If you have found the past month or years (perhaps even the past eleven years?!) to be intense, you’re not alone.  That is the full time that the planet Pluto has been stationed in the sign of Capricorn (since 2008).

Pluto is a force for transformation, and you will have been experiencing its force over the course of these past years in various ways.  That intensity heightened in January of 2018, as Pluto and Saturn began to draw together, so you may have felt it even more strongly since then.

Pluto, Saturn, and Capricorn, oh my

A lot of people are afraid of the energies of Pluto and Saturn.  There is no denying that their energy is intense.  They are both clearing out energies, which can be uncomfortable.  But they are also energies of opportunity.

Pluto calls us to dig deep and do our inner shadow work so we – and the planet – can come into greater awareness, consciousness and make the changes necessary to move into a life-giving, sustainable future.  Saturn supports that with its focus on discipline and responsibility.  It is also associated with constriction, so if you have been noticing constrictions and an inner push to make changes, that’s Saturn energy.

When Pluto and Saturn come together, they propel us into deep transformation.  Capricorn, adds a practical, down-to-earth, “get on with it” kind of mentality.  In the body, Capricorn is connected with the skeletal structure, and also the skin.  Capricorn also represents structural foundations and boundaries at all levels, physical, emotional, individual, collective, even societal and global.

Together, these energies pack quite a wallop.  They give us a choice.  We can choose to see them as doomsday energies, and sink into negativity, or we can choose to embrace them and allow new perspectives and new beginnings.  At their highest and best, this energy configuration can help us make changes that will draw all of us into unity and unconditional love and set up the structures and foundations for that at a societal and global level.

What does all of this mean for you?

One thing you can be sure of is that this will be a year (and decade) of change – both at the individual and at the collective level.  How you navigate the challenges, gifts, and blessings of this year will make a huge difference for you personally, as well as collectively.

As one of my favorite astrological writers, Sarah Varcas, says, “The energy of a conjunction is fresh and innovative, allowing new possibilities, perspectives and potential to emerge. It enables us to combine inner resources and outer circumstances in such a way that we can forge a new path ahead, one that may have seemed out of reach or even non-existent not so long ago.”

This is a potent time period.  This is the time to embrace the new beginnings we are being invited (or dragged) into.  Use this time to plant the seeds of what you want to develop not just for 2020, but for the entire decade ahead.

A special online Attunement and Healing Session

To help you do this, I have been guided to offer a special online attunement and healing session on January 12. It will be on Zoom, so you can join no matter where you are in the world.

Here is the link for more information on the Attunement and Healing session.

If you are ready to join, here is the link to register.

We already have a wonderful international group of people gathering.  Set yourself up for 2020 – and the entire new decade — and all the shifts that will occur.

I hope you will join us so that you can navigate the upcoming changes with grace and ease, and so that, together, we can be the change we hope to see in the world.

With love and gratitude,

PS:  If you would like even more support navigating the intense energies of the coming year, I have a couple spots open for individual sessions. Check it out here.  Or book a free Discovery Call to explore working together.

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