Who is Chariklo, and why do you need to know about her?

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Chariklo and Saturn: Bringing Feminine Balance

Chariklo and the Divine Feminine came up in conversation with a friend of mine the other day.  Mary and I were discussing this newly found minor planet, and how it had figured in to the Healing and Attunement session that she had attended on January 12. 

When I told her that I had recently found out that Chariklo and Saturn and Pluto were coming together, she was intrigued.  When I also said that the astrological event is going to be a powerful infusion of the Feminine, yin energy to balance out all that yang energy, she said, “You are doing another attunement and healing session, aren’t you?”  I had been considering it, but hadn’t totally made up my mind. 

“Well, she said, “I’m on board, and, from what you’re telling me about Chariklo, every mother I know will want to be on. The need for her symbolism is very great in our world right now.”

A minor planet with rings!

Discovered in 1997, Chariklo is a minor planet, the largest of the “Centaur” planets in the Kuiper belt of our galaxy.  Not only is she the largest of the planets, but scientists recently discovered she has rings (she’s the only minor planet they’ve found with rings so far — and they’ve been looking!).

However, what brought Mary so much excitement, and a commitment to join the call before I even had it scheduled, has more to do with the archetypes Chariklo represents.    

As I discussed in my last blog post, the planets and stars tend to carry archetypal energies (as above, so below).  

Holder of sacred space for transformation

 In Greek mythology, Chariklo is the Wise Woman, the mentor.  She carries the healing power of grace and graciousness. She has a gift for creating and holding sacred space, and for facilitating the work of the soul. Since Pluto is all about deep soul work, her gifts are necessary in the process of transformation (remember that the watchword for Pluto is transformation).

Chariklo has the ability to witness – to see and name the truth and what is really happening.  At the same time, she sets powerful boundaries — boundaries where no means no. 

The importance of the Chariklo-Saturn and Chariklo-Pluto Conjunctions

You may have been feeling the intensity of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in the past few weeks.  That intensity continues through 2020. 

Chariklo mitigates the intensity.  She teaches us how to let go of reactivity and instead “bear with” your feelings — to actually feel them fully — so that clear thinking and action can follow.  She exemplifies the feminine archetype of coming into your power and holding your ground.

Due to all of this, Chariklo provides much-needed equilibrium and stability to the Saturn-Pluto process of transformation. 

In the midst of all this jostling for power, exposure of corruption, very yang, very materialistic energy, that we’re seeing all over the planet, comes Chariklo.  Chariklo says, Wait! It doesn’t work like that. 

A much-needed balance 

Chariklo’s gracious wisdom, healing gifts, flowing grace, and prophetic vision provide necessary balances to the Saturn-Pluto energies (for more information on those, click here).  She reminds us that receptivity is key to moving forward. Creativity and new solutions flow when there is time and space for receptivity, and diving deep into the wells of transformation.  Receptivity is essential for the ability to hold a strong space, and to provide a container for the new that needs to be birthed.

As you can see, Chariklo’s conjunction with Pluto and exact conjunction with Saturn is hugely important.  February 16th is the only date where Chariklo and Saturn come together exactly – which heightens its power. 

 A special opportunity

Once again, I have been guided to offer an Attunement and Healing session on the day itself.  This one will be focused on Chariklo, the Divine Feminine, and balancing out the intensity of the ongoing Pluto-Saturn energies.  As my friend Mary said, “The need for her symbolism is very great in our world right now.”

Note:  when I’m talking about masculine and feminine, I’m not talking about gender.  I’m working with archetypes and symbols. Masculine doesn’t correspond to men and feminine doesn’t correspond to women.  In fact, men can be very feminine in orientation and action and women can be very masculine in orientation and action. We all have both masculine and feminine qualities and traits in us. 


Mark your calendars for Sunday, February 16th at 8 pm eastern time. 

Cost: USD 45. 

For more information on this attunement and healing session and its benefits, click here.

I will be sending the official invitation in a few days, but if you already know you would like to join, you can register here.  And as before, if you can’t be there in person, as long as you’re registered you will receive the attunement and session, and you will receive the recording.  

Come celebrate the Divine Feminine and the astrological event that brings masculine and feminine into balance. Together, let’s create community and connection.  Chariklo’s energy will help you establish a strong space of receptivity that will support you in the seeds you have been sowing for this year and the decade to come.

with love and gratitude,


PS: If you’re noticing either that you’re in a place of stuckness – or you feel on the brink of something big and new, and you would like some help, I have a couple spots open for individual work.  Check it out here.  Or book a free Discovery Call to explore how I can help you.

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