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If I have heard it once, I’ve heard it 20 times this past week.  “I am so stressed!” 

Holidays are a natural stressor.  Then there are so many others: the Omicron variant, huge supply chain interruptions resulting in empty shelves in stores, and rising prices on just about everything, just to name a few of the other current stressors.  No wonder we are all so stressed out!

Did you know that there are two kinds of stress?  The first is called eustress, and it’s the kind of stress that not only good for you, but necessary.  Some examples are a riding a rollercoaster, the first day of a new job, anticipation of anything positive coming, or any kind of new beginning. 

Two Kinds of Stress

Eustress is the kind of stress that energizes you.  It helps you move through the day.  It also helps you make a change when necessary. 

The other kind of stress can be crippling.  It’s called distress.  In the past two years, we’ve all been experiencing too much of the distress.  When that happens, people get anxious. It freezes them.  

In order to glide into the new year, you have to temper the regular stress with eustress.  You want to build up the eustress through healing, meditation, spiritual practices, etc.  When you build up the eustress, you also diminish the distress.  And that’s also what the celebration attunement and healing sessions I’ve been led to offer the past couple years are all about.  

Enter a New Beginning

The meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December 2020 inaugurated a new beginning (and a new 200-year cycle) that will ultimately bring in unity consciousness, collaborative power structures, new developments in communications, the sciences, and more.  The particular astrological events that will occur between now the end of 2023, when Pluto finally moves out of Capricorn, will all be in service of these shifts and new beginnings.  

But that’s not how it’s going to look on the surface.  In the meantime, it’s going to look chaotic and turbulent.  And that’s where these Attunements come in.  They are a way to help you navigate these unprecedented times in a way that will not only help you move through the distress, but will build up your eustress.  

Gathering in community and celebrating together, getting grounded in the wheel of the year, as we celebrate the cross-quarter holidays, is a potent way to build up your eustress.  And that sets the stage for the healing work of the astrological attunements.  The healing work you receive builds up your eustress in a way which supports you as you navigate these shifts.  

Meeting the Challenge

Everything I’m reading says that the astrology of 2022 will continue to be challenging. On the surface you may be seeing and feeling more distress. However, don’t be fooled.  The turbulence covers over what’s going on under the surface. The energy of Pluto in Capricorn, and every astrological event that happens in these next few years too, are related to transformation, the unraveling of the old, and the birth of the new.

This means that the coming year’s astrological events will offer great opportunities to use these energies for deep transformation, growth, confidence in your power and the ability to stand in it, and bringing you own creative projects into the world.

A few highlights:

— Venus and Pluto are coming together for the last of three direct meetings (conjunctions in astrological terms) on March 3.  This is going to have a big economic impact according to all of my research.  One astrologer I follow sees a new economic structure being born in March in the wake of this last meeting. 

— The first Pluto return for the US is coming in February.  My sources tell me this is going to bring about a spiritual rebirth for the nation.  Others talk about it bringing about a redefinition of the US on all levels.  This return is going to be working throughout 2022 and even into 2023.  And again, my research shows that economic change and rebirth is part of these shifts.  And due to the place of the US in the world, this Pluto return will have many global effects.  I take this seriously since most of the astrologers I read and follow are from outside the US.

A few other astrological events will also have a big impact that will help us navigate all of this change.  

I created the celebration and attunement sessions to help you make the most of these events, and ultimately to create eustress and reduce distress.  I hope you will join me on December 19 for the Solstice celebration and attunement to the very powerful astrological energies of this holiday season. It will not only support you through this holiday season, but will also prepare you for 2022.  And if you would like to join a growing community of people gathering for healing, community, celebration and transformation here is some information on my very first attunement bundle truly a way to develop your eustress for all of 2022.

Increase your Eustress to Dispel your Distress

Especially as we enter this holiday season, I encourage you to find ways to increase your eustress daily.  Any kind of grounding practices will help: being out in nature, putting your bare feet in the grass if it’s warm enough where you live; hugging a tree.  I also have a grounding meditation that you can use daily.   

Random acts of kindness also build up your eustress, as does any kind of self care and self-nourishment.  And any kind of meditation helps as well.  

I’ve also shared a number of other practices that help build up your eustress and dispel distress in previous blog posts, including the practice of ho-oponopono, and the heart coherence practice I shared in the last blog post.

As we move further into December and the darkness here in the northern hemisphere, may these practices sustain you.  And for those of you in the southern hemisphere,  as you move further into high summer, may these be touchstones to celebrate the sun and the light within you.  

Wherever you are, take this time to build up your eustress so that you can move through the external distress with grace and ease. 

PS: Many of you have been asking for more attunement and healing sessions to help navigate these very strong energies. The next one, coming up on December 19, will be particularly helpful as I will attune you to the Uranus-Saturn face-off (direct square) coming up at the holidays. We will also celebrate the Solstice, which will bring in some very strong positive energy to help us. Here is the link for more information.

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