How can you receive healing when you’re not physically present?

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“How can an attunement work if you’re not there?” asked my friend and colleague, Juliet. It’s an important question! I want to expand the question to also include: “How can a remote session work?”

The science behind it is both simple and profound – we are all part of a dynamic web. We are all – always – connected. Quantum physicists have proven that one electron doesn’t move without the permission of all other electrons. Now there are hundreds of thousands of electrons in any given space, but they all work in connection with the others.

Add to that – time and space are completely relative – they’re actually dimensions! Not only are we all connected, but we can connect across time and space. So when I do an attunement or remote session, I’m connecting with the person through the Quantum Field – the field that connects us all.

But Juliet’s question was a bit more down to earth than that. What she really wanted to know was how I could do attunements only for the people who signed up – and – more importantly – how I could do attunements for those who signed up, but weren’t on the call.

Intentions are key

Getting down to brass tacks, what actually does happen when someone signs up for an attunement or remote session but is not physically present on video or phone?

Here is what I do.  I have the list of all those who have signed up, which I print out before the session. When I set the container for the session, I intentionally bring that group of people into it (and only those people).  If someone hasn’t registered, then they do not receive the attunement or healing session even if they are in the same room with the person who registered, or even if they listen to the recording afterwards.

How can that work, you ask?

A certain something happens when people sign up.  When you sign up for an attunement and healing session, for example, you are signifying your intention by registering and paying the fee.  Through this action, you are also indicating your willingness to receive the session.  

Your intention and my intention then come together. Even more, both of our intentions must be in place for the session to be effective.  On the day of the session, my intention is focused through the list. In the case of an attunement, I also explicitly include anyone on the list who I don’t see on video or hear on the phone.

The more you listen, the more you can receive

Finally — and this is quite new for me – I’ve been guided to set these attunements up to work kind of like a tea bag.  You can watch or listen over and over again, and you will get whatever you need from that session until it has no more “flavor.”  In the case of the first two attunements I did this year, I am pretty sure that the “flavor” will last up until the next session in April, as these energies remain strong throughout this time.

I have done this with my remote clients for years, but never had the guidance to do it with a group before.  So far the feedback is that this is very effective: those who listen more than once are feeling any shifts or rebalancing that is still needed even the third or fourth time that they watch or listen.

I wasn’t able to be on the last call, but I could feel the session as it was happening.  Even before I listened to it, I noticed that a lot of old wounds and patterns were coming up to be healed – which was exactly the energy you talked about that Chariklo was bringing in. When I started listening, I noticed that my awarenesses were much stronger, and I started to get awarenesses in the moment.  That was huge for me!  The other thing that I have noticed even since the first attunement, is that my whole structural foundation has been shifting.  My massage therapist has even remarked on it.

Carol S., South Dakota

Does this work with other sessions and classes?

The principle is the same with individual remote sessions.  I will ask for an email update, and then I will do the session specifically with that person, and create a recording, which I send via email.

It will be the same for my Mending Webs class.  I will be demonstrating Mending Webs techniques, and doing Mending Webs sessions, which you will receive whether you can be on the call live or not.

If you were hesitant to sign up for one of the previous attunement and healing sessions because you had to miss it in person, I hope this will put your mind and heart at ease.  I encourage you to sign up for the next one!.

In the meantime, I wish you many blessings as we move into spring in the northern hemisphere/fall in the southern, and as you continue to do your own transformational work!

PS: If you are experiencing the intensity of the energies this year, and/or you could feel the energies and would like some more support, I have a couple spots open for individual clients.  Please check it out here or book a Discovery call so we can explore how I can serve you.

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  • Juliet

    Mary, you answered my question so beautifully and fully! thank you so much; this all makes perfect sense to me.

    • Mary Shields

      Thank you, for the question, Juliet! So glad my answer made sense — and hope it’s helpful to others too!

  • Sondra

    This bridges my logical mind — wha!! How could this ever work?? — with my experience. Great topic.

    • Mary Shields

      Thanks so much, Sondra! This makes my heart happy. I’m so glad it’s bringing your logical mind and your experience together!

  • GetQoralHealth

    How often is receiving healing recommended?

    • Mary Shields

      Great question! It totally depends on the person and the situation. Since 75% of my practice is distance, it will vary from client to client, so I always suggest doing a free Discovery call so we can discern together if we’re a fit and what will work best in your situation. That said, if you want to truly heal trauma, I have found that working weekly or biweekly for 6 months will bring a lot of healing and change. And we re-evaluate at that point to see what is still needed, and appropriate timing for you at that point.

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