You Are Called To Be Lights In The Darkness

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Thank the Divine for Imbolc and the turn of the seasons toward more light and the beginnings of spring. It’s been such a dark and tumultuous time by any measure, and here in the northern hemisphere, knowing that spring is around the corner with its promise of new life and new growth is encouraging. In the meantime, we are all called — no matter what your political or religious leanings are — to be lights in the darkness.

I am always grateful for the Celtic cross-quarter holidays that help us move through the seasons with more connection both to Spirit and to nature.  Imbolc, or Brigid’s Day, is a holiday associated with the return of the sun and the beginning of spring.  In Europe, it marked the lambing season, and often harbingers of spring were already blooming, such as snowdrops and crocus.

While I’m seeing no signs of spring outwardly this year (we’ve had some record snowfalls in certain parts of the US, and it’s been very cold), I am always encouraged by the lengthening days and reminded that the seeds and bulbs beneath the snow are already beginning their upward push to begin peeking out of the soil and blooming.  Imbolc is truly a festival of anticipation – knowing that despite outward appearances, things are shifting and moving.

More than that, Imbolc connects us with the earth.  And with all the eruptive energies afoot (see my last blog post on this year’s theme, “Control vs. Freedom”),  it’s vital to find ways to ground yourself and connect.

A Time of Fire & Light

Finally, Imbolc is a festival of fire and light.  In these explosive times, it’s more important than ever not to find ways to celebrate the light.  But even more crucial than that, we are all called to be the light.

Mother Teresa said, “Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people.” You are called to be one beacon of light. You are called to bring your gift, whatever it is, to be more light in these tumultuous times. You are called to, yes, stand up for what you believe but with love, not hate…with loving-kindness, not anger or bitterness. That’s the hardest part of all: To love each other no matter what our political or religious stance, no matter where we come from.

Contribute To The Shift

Only by doing justice where we can, acting with loving-kindness in every action that we can, and coming from a place of humbleness—only by doing these three things can we contribute to the shift in consciousness that is happening even in the midst of these tumultuous times.

No matter what is happening, please remember this: Anger cannot fight anger; hate cannot fight hate. Only loving-kindness can combat the hate- and fear-filled rhetoric you’re hearing everywhere. You can make a difference. All it takes is for you to do what you can do—today, tomorrow, the next day. As Mother Teresa also said, “If you can’t feed 100, just feed one.

May you find ways to stay grounded in these volatile times.  May you stay out of the drama, and instead practice lovingkindness in your interactions with others.  May you be the light.

PS: If you would like support for all that I’ve written above,“The Struggle of Freedom vs. Control:  An Attunement to get you in sync with 2021” is still available.   This celebration, attunement and community healing session attunes you to one of the biggest astrological events this year, the face-off between Saturn (control) and Uranus (freedom).  It will also attune you to the strong divine feminine energy of the goddess Brigid so that you can fill up with and radiate the light even in the midst of the ongoing tensions and drama going on right now. If this calls to you I invite you to listen to be grounded, be filled, and fill yourself with light so you can be the light.  For more details click here.  To purchase, click here!

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