Freedom vs. Control: The Astrological Theme of 2021

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Freedom vs. Control.

It’s the astrological theme of 2021.

This entire year is going to be defined by a very strong astrological “square,” or facing off, between Saturn and Uranus.  What we’ve already been experiencing, and what we’re going to experience — especially through the rest of January and February, and well into March — is the clash of these planets with very contradictory energy.

Here’s just a taste of some of their contradictory qualities.

Saturn Uranus
Control Freedom
Focus on the past and the old Focus on the new
Cautious, slow and methodical Fast and urgent — goes in leaps
Order Break down to break through
Obedience Rebellion and Revolution

They are going to face off directly three times this year (in astrological terms, they will form an exact square).

Figurative & Literal Eruptions Ahead

What does this mean?  Well, for one thing, it’s not going to be a quiet, easy, undramatic year.  Uranus, is the planet of eruptions and volcanoes — literal and figurative — and we can expect a lot of eruptions.  We’ve already seen some doozies!  There is more to come.

January is particularly intense, as every single planet is squaring another.  So, clashes, tensions, divisions, are “in the air,” so to speak.

You may be thinking, Oh no!  Does that mean that the huge shift of December didn’t “take?” Does that mean that we were wrong about all this light breaking in?

Not at all!   In fact, it’s amazing that Uranus is so dominant this year in the astrology, as it is all about bringing in the new, helping people to awaken, and bringing freedom.  And of course, freedom has certainly been missing the planet over, as we have been in repeated lockdowns due to the pandemic.

Uranus is also the planet of Awakening, and of Truth.  I use capitals with intention, as Uranus energy is BIG energy.  This clash of two mighty planets is part of the breaking down of the old structures, the unraveling that has to happen, to make way for the new.  As one of my favorite astrologers says, “in these battles, Uranus will always win because it’s the further out planet.  But not without a challenge.”

The Saturn-Uranus square that will be at work for the entire year is all about helping us move even more fully into the shift into a new era that happened in December. Saturn and Jupiter are now in Aquarius, which is all about a shift out of power over to power-with.  But that doesn’t mean this time is going to be a cake walk.  Far from it.  Those with power rarely want to give it up.  And top-down, might-makes-right power has ruled for a very long time.

We’re going to see a lot of drama.  We may experience even more polarization and rhetoric of fear in the next couple months especially.  Because of the strong squares everywhere, there may be political and social unrest.  Voices may be raised against each other — and it may seem as if two very different views of reality are at work — and that neither can come together.

In Service of Awakening

However, the other good news is that Uranus is also the planet of truth and truth-telling.  There will be lots of eruptions, volcanoes, earthquakes (possibly literal, and definitely metaphorical). Uranus is going to be shaking things up in a big way.  But that shaking is always in service of awakening.  It is always in service, too, of bringing the truth to light. Indeed, some of the eruptions will be new revelations that may shift our entire view of the truth.

Let me say it again. While the unraveling has to continue, the light has broken in, and will continue to shine brighter and brighter.  Here is where we are called into a new way of being ourselves.

Especially now it is important to choose where we put our energy.  The dramas will be loud and intense.  It will be all too easy to let them claim our attention, and get sidetracked from our real work of being and bringing in the light.  Instead, when they start to side-track or hijack you, come back to center.  Do the one-minute heart-centered meditation I have presented in previous posts that will bring your heart back into coherence.

Resolve not to pay attention to the dramas and rumors.  Resolve to come back to your spiritual practices when you/if you get side-tracked or hijacked.  Now more than ever is the time not just to focus on that which is coming in:  unity consciousness, collaboration, connection — but to foster it.  Now is the time to act with kindness and compassion.  Now is the time to step into your own personal power — not a power over others, but a power with.

Now is also the time to claim that you are a creator. That is one of the benefits of the Uranus energy.  It is the energy not just of awakening, but of creativity and using your power in the service of awakening.  Bring all of that rebellious, creative, truth-telling energy to your own sense of power in the world and step into what it is that you want to create for your good, for the good of your family, friends, and neighbors, and for the good of the planet.

PS:  To support you in dealing with this epic face-off between Saturn and Uranus, I am offering an online attunement and community healing session on February 8.  Here is the link for more information.  To register, click here.

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