How to Move Through the Extraordinary Shifts
That are Happening Now

An Online Webinar

October 7th

Resistance. Rebellion. Confinement. Constriction. Overwhelm. “Fed-upness.” You might even feel as if everything is “going to hell in a handbasket.” Do any of these describe your experience recently? If so, you’re not alone.

This is an extraordinarily challenging time. We are in the midst of a huge sea-change — one that is occurring in every aspect of life. The pace of change is rapid and extensive. Old structures are unraveling; new structures are just beginning to arise.

Even if you welcome many of the changes, Shift (yes I’m being punny here!) is difficult. This time can feel disorienting. Everything can feel unstable, or you can feel separate. Your nervous system can be overwhelmed. In very real ways, you may feel like you are just surviving.

If this is your experience, or the experience of your clients or the groups you work with, I invite you to join me for a free webinar.

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How to Move Through the Extraordinary Shifts That Are Happening Now
Date: October 7, 2021
Time: 2-3:30 pm et

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This webinar is especially designed for healing practitioners, bodyworkers, and any service professional who works with groups and/or any kind of group or family dynamics, especially therapists and social workers.

  • knot-whiteknot-white
    What these shifts are all about, and why they’re not only necessary, but actually providing a huge step forward for us all.
  • knot-whiteknot-white
    The science of connection, and how that is central to our navigating these shifts; and
  • knot-whiteknot-white
    How you and your clients and groups can find your footing in the midst of these challenging times — not just to survive, but to thrive.

After teaching on these topics, I’ll open up the floor for Q&A and I’ll make time for one or two attendees to work with me
1:1 for some healing work to help your nervous system deal with all of this change (as well as to help you feel more connected).

About Mary Shields, PhD

Mary Shields, PhD is a healing practitioner and educator who has supported thousands of clients and students through deep transformation. She brings together a strong grounding in spiritual practices from a number of traditions, experience as a teacher/professor, and more than two decades of practice and teaching in a range of healing modalities.

Most recently, the central focus of her teaching and healing practice has been working with the science of connection. She has developed a system of healing that helps permanently change dysfunctional or painful group dynamics that are undermining the effectiveness and health of the group or individual.

This method of healing is easily learned. It also integrates powerfully into other existing modalities, such as coaching, counseling, therapy, body work, etc., and can accelerate a return to wholeness.

She is passionate about helping people learn this work too, as it has never been more necessary — from individuals to small groups to communities to the planet.

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