The “Shift of the Ages” Has Begun!

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The “shift of the ages” that we are a part of has begun, but it may not look or feel like it!  Everything I’ve read has said that this first part of the year, especially, may look a lot more like the opposite.

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll know that I’ve been talking about this unraveling for more than a year.  The Great Conjunction of last month, where Jupiter and Saturn, who have been close together with Pluto in Capricorn, moved into Aquarius and then met, involves the breakdown of old structures to make way for the new.

It also involves moving out of the old top-down, might-makes-right, hierarchical power to an emphasis on collaboration, unity consciousness, and structures that support power-with instead of power-over.  We’re already seeing this playing out in various places throughout the world.

Control (Saturn) vs. Freedom (Uranus)

This year’s major astrological theme is going to be Control (Saturn) vs. Freedom (Uranus).  These two planets of opposites are going to be clashing all year, and you can already see some of this clash in various parts of the world too.  Most of my research suggests that we’re going to see a lot of it.

We’re also going to see corruption, lies, and more, come to light.  It’s going to be an enlightening year on a whole lot of levels!

New Age Of Light

The key for all of us right now is — even in the midst of so much unraveling — to remember that new age of light has already begun on December 21st — just when so many religious traditions celebrate a season of light and new life and hope.  Yesterday (January 6th) was also the beginning of a season of light in the Christian tradition — and it’s very much connected with the Great conjunction we experienced in December.

The festival celebrated in January 6th is the festival celebrating the visit of the Magi as they followed a star to Bethlehem (see my last blog post to read more about that connection).  It’s the festival of Epiphany.

I love looking at where words come from — and Epiphany is particularly appropriate for us right now.  It comes from the Greek to make manifest or to illuminate.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has these two definitions that really fit what’s happening now and in the next few months:
“a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something” and “an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure.”

A Change in Structure

As I already mentioned, we’re going to see a lot of disclosures in the next few months.  As the old structures finally topple and fall, we will see and experience so much creativity and ability to craft and birth the new.  The age of Aquarius is an age of innovation, creativity, and development.

Epiphany, a festival of light, also begins a season of light.  If you live in the northern hemisphere, you are already experiencing that as well.  The days are getting measurably longer.  It is clear that we are experiencing more light than last month, or even last week.

Not only that, but our whole planet is experiencing more light as it moves through a photon belt in our galaxy.  That means we literally have more light pouring through us.  Many talk about this as an upgrade — it’s actually changing our DNA.  We are physically becoming light beings in a way we haven’t been before.

Much will “come to light” in the next few months, as the light shines in places that have been unlit for too long.  Here’s where the light may be uncomfortable — and/or it may not look like light for awhile.

Unraveling the old to make way for the new

So prepare for the unraveling.  Remind yourself that the light is already working in and through us.  Instead of focusing on what’s not going well, or what’s unraveling, tell yourself again that the new structures to come are going to benefit all people in ways the old top-down structures couldn’t.

When the road ahead looks difficult, remember that we are in the midst of the shift of the ages (at least of our lifetimes) and that the shift has just begun.  Remember too that there will be some messiness.  When what needs to shift comes to light, there is often a clean-up process.

And finally, let yourself feel the fear — and even grief — that comes from not knowing what is next.  This is the liminal space I’ve talked about before (read more here).  It’s the space in-between — when we’ve left the old, but the new isn’t here yet.

A New State of Being

In every tradition, this is a sacred time, a sacred space.  It’s the time when you are moving into a new state of being that is completely new.  Think rite of passage.

When you have left the old, but the new isn’t yet formed, it’s a time of upheaval and you can feel destabilized.  Even though we think we like change, there is a part of us that resists it and clings to the old.  This is the time to remember that the light is there even when it looks like it’s not.

In such times, it’s natural to feel both fear and grief — and it’s important to give yourself the time to feel it.  Grief is the transition emotion, and is part of the rite of passage our planet is going through as we make this shift.  Allowing yourself to feel it will help you come through this liminal phase to the other side.

Now is the time to draw on your spiritual practices — to focus on heart-centeredness and love.  Now is the time to practice kindness and compassion.  And it’s a great time to practice gratitude.   These practices will sustain you in the unraveling.  More than that, they will help the light in you to grow strong so that you both experience illumination and be part of the illumination coming through the whole earth.

PS:  This year, in addition to doing attunements and healing sessions for the major astrological events (there are several doozies this year!), I have been guided to offer sessions for the four major ancient Celtic festivals of light.  These will include both celebration and also attunement and healing sessions.

Mark your calendar for the first of these coming up on February 8.  In this we will celebrate the first of these light festivals (Imbolc, which is traditionally also a festival of the beginning of spring), and I will attune you to the first of the three great clashes between Saturn and Uranus this year.  This will include a community healing session for you and for the collective.  If you already know you want to attend, please register here.  If you would like to know more, either reply to this post or fill out the contact form here, and I’ll send you the invitation and the link to more information in the next few days.

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