Creating Community to Move Through These Challenging Times:

An Online Celebration, Attunement, and Community Healing Session for

the Equinox on September 19

Have you experienced the upheaval that’s everywhere right now? These energies feel turbulent and chaotic, and will continue to do so for the next few months.

You see the old structures crumbling, and part of you wants to hold on to the past.  At least it’s known, and allows you to feel that you’re in control.

At the same time, there is a big part of you that wants to move into the future, to ditch all the rules, and create something entirely new.

Some days you may find yourself see-sawing between these two.  You may feel your inner creativity welling up, and yet you also notice that you’re trying to control the very process.

This is why I’m offering this celebration, attunement and healing session.

Equinox Attunement

Quick Details:

Date: September 19, 2021

Time: 8-9:30pm Eastern

We will be on zoom.

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Do you resonate with one of these situations?

  • knot-white
    You know that we’re in the midst of a huge transition, but the tensions and the fierceness of the current unraveling are really hard to deal with.
  • knot-white
    You have tried to step out of reactivity; you’ve tried not to be affected by the drama. But it’s everywhere, and it’s hard to hold your center.
  • knot-white
    You feel your inner creativity bubbling up – but all the tensions and volatility on the outside (and maybe inside too) are holding you back.
  • knot-white
    You may find yourself triggered by events and you may keep getting caught up in the drama or fear or anger, and can’t seem to move out.
  • knot-white
    You’re ready to “just get on with it!,” but you feel stymied on every side, and you long to break free.
  • knot-white
    You feel yourself caught between the old way of being (the old structure) and your inner knowledge that something new is coming, getting ready to break through. But you just can’t get there.

If you’re sensitive to the global energies, you may have felt pressure building around any or all of these issues.

What you’ve been feeling are the ongoing conflict between Saturn and Uranus, together with another powerful conflict between Eris and Pluto.

If you would like to learn more, I’ve written about both conflicts:  here is the link to more information on the Uranus-Saturn conflict, and here is the link to more info on the Eris-Pluto conflict.

The next few months are going to continue to be bumpy. These combative, disruptive, and eruptive energies are a volatile mix.

We have a great opportunity in the midst of these challenging times.  You see, the disruptive and eruptive energies of Eris and Uranus are also energies associated with Awakening.  It’s the kind of energy that historically has given rise to protests, like those we’ve seen all over the world in the past few months.  Yet it’s also the kind of energy that has given rise to big shifts in consciousness. Historically, it’s the sort of mix that brings about major societal change.  Think the Civil Rights movement of 1965, for example.

Now is the time not only to be attuned to these energies, but also to come back to center, to get grounded in the earth and the earth’s cycles, and to get connected in community. Now is the time to find an oasis in the midst of the eruptions, turmoil, volatility, and unraveling.  That grounding and rest will fuel new projects and vision.  It will also help you move through this very intense, chaotic time.

This session is for everyone!

I have been guided to offer a series of celebration, attunement, and healing sessions throughout this year to support you in continuing to move forward into the light and expansion that may be hard to see right now.

These sessions are for all! Anyone on our planet who is experiencing or has experienced both the contraction and the push toward transformation that we’ve been undergoing will experience the benefits of this session.

On September 19th we will gather to celebrate, and you will be attuned to the equinox as well as the ongoing Uranus-Saturn and Eris-Pluto squares, the full moon, and more.

The September Equinox – called the “autumnal equinox” in the northern hemisphere and the “vernal equinox” in the southern hemisphere – signals the point where earth experiences roughly equal lengths of day and night. This day represents the perfect balance of light and shadow.

This celebration will help you move through these challenging times. Along with the attunements to these powerfully transformative energies, this session will encourage you to stand in the center of your being so you can radiate love, connection and transformation out into the world. This is an opportunity to step into even more of the light, and to awaken your consciousness even more.

This session will help you:

  • knot-whiteknot-white
    Navigate these volatile energies with grace and ease.
  • knot-whiteknot-white
    Hold your center and focus, stay grounded, and avoid the reactivity that will be all around you.
  • knot-whiteknot-white
    Use these energies to deepen the transformational work you’ve already done.
  • knot-whiteknot-white
    Find your own internal power and creativity.

It will support you even more specifically in:

  • knot-whiteknot-white
    The inner transformation that you have been working on.
  • knot-whiteknot-white
    Any structural or foundational shifts you’ve been making.

Note: If you have been afraid to step into your power,
or afraid to allow yourself to truly shine with all your gifts,
you will find this session especially helpful.

There are three components to these sessions.

The first is celebration.

We will celebrate the cross-quarter and quarter holidays of light and fire. The cross-quarter holidays are the true beginnings of each season, and are even more potent than the more well-known quarter holidays of Equinox and Solstice. Celebrating them together – yes, even together online — will give you a sense of grounding, connectedness, and community with each other and the earth.

Gathering together, celebrating with ritual (even as simple as lighting a candle and sharing a blessing), will also re-connect you with the light that is coming through and changing every one of us and our planet. More than that, it will be a time to drink in that light so it can continue to illuminate you and help others to experience the light.

The second is healing.

We will gather for healing – individually and collectively. Each person who is registered will receive the healing session, and we will also do some healing work for the whole planet.

The last component is attunement.

I will attune you to the current astrological energies so that you can move through with grace and ease. I will also attune you to the cross-quarter and quarter holidays  themselves, so you can connect deeply with the earth and find strength and sustenance from that connection.

These attunements will also help you deal with the ongoing face-offs between Uranus and Saturn (and Uranus and some other planets as well). Uranus, the planet of eruptions, volcanoes (physical, emotional, and metaphorical), and awakening, is shaking things up. Being attuned to these energies will help you deal with the shake-ups.  It can also catapult you forward in your own personal and spiritual growth.

Finally, these attunements will re-connect you with the huge shift that happened in December (the Great Conjunction), and with the light that is bringing awakening, change, and a global shift from power-over to power-with; the light that is literally pouring into our planet and each one of us, changing our very DNA.

What is an attunement or alignment and what is its power?

Attunement means to “bring into harmony.” It helps you to be “in tune” with the energies that are strongly affecting us. Alignment means “the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other.” When you are aligned with the energies, that puts you in sync with them and gives you a greater ability to incorporate the gifts they bring and to use these energies more effectively.

Being attuned or aligned means that you have nature’s support for these shifts. This session will connect you with the opportunities for growth that these events are bringing.

Your Guide: Mary Shields, PhD

Since 2003, I have been working with astrological energies as a healing practitioner. About a decade ago, Spirit gave me the gift of attuning and aligning people with these energies in such a way that they can use them for their greatest benefit and healing. I have been working both individually and in groups in this way ever since.

Additionally, I bring a strong background in Celtic spirituality. I lived in Scotland for two years, and also did research on Celtic spirituality as part of my sabbatical. As a minister, I know first-hand the importance of ritual and gathering. I love facilitating both, and have been doing so for several decades.

One of my gifts is creating community, and I now have close to a decade of experience doing it online. For many years, I did these attunements and celebrations via teleconference. Zoom has enhanced our sense of connection and community by adding the ability to see each other as we participate together.

What are the Details?

Date:  September 19, 2021

Time:  8 – 9:30 pm eastern time

We will meet via Zoom.

Once you sign up, even if you cannot be on the call, you will receive the celebration, attunement, and healing session.

The event will be recorded; you will also receive the recording.

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What happens on the call?

This is an energetic and healing session, so the process is not like a workshop or class with exercises. Celebration will begin and end each event. I will begin with opening sacred space. After some information on the festival, I will attune you to the cross-quarter or quarter holiday, and I will lead you in a celebration. I will let you know ahead of time what to bring or prepare (for example, I may ask you to have a candle ready to light together).

Next, I will give some information about the astrological event, as well as the challenges and opportunities it brings. We will then dive into the attunement(s) and session, which I will explain as they happen. There will be some short periods of silence. I may ask you to breathe deeply or tap your head, heart, and navel (the three brain centers of the body — to learn more, click here). The last part of the healing session is devoted to the healing of the planet, with all of us participating through holding space. We will end by completing our celebration together.

Generally, you are in a relaxed, receptive state throughout. I do suggest you have a notebook handy for any notes you wish to make. I also suggest that you make sure you are in a private, receptive space.

It is especially powerful if you can be on video for the first part of the call, so that we can see and feel each other more directly. And not to worry if you can’t be on the call live, or need to be on audio/phone only: if you are registered for the call, you are fully connected into the entire event.

What might you experience during or after the session?

You may or may not feel anything during or after the session. That’s perfectly fine. The energy and healing will still be working in you whether you can feel it or not. Whatever you experience (or don’t experience) is just right for you. You will receive what you need.

You may seem to “fall asleep” during the session. Or, you may fall asleep every time you try to listen to the session for a while. This is also perfectly normal. If this happens, know that you are in a very deep, restful state where Spirit can do the deeper work inside you. Don’t resist it and don’t worry — you haven’t missed a thing! Just follow your body’s needs as you listen, and the session will work in you as it needs to.

After the session, you may feel energized and ready to take on the world, or you may feel, as my client Linda told me, “Like I was hit with a truck.” The session will affect you differently than it will other people. What you feel after one session may be completely different than what you feel after another. The energy and healing will be continuing to work in you for quite some time. Be gentle with yourself, especially the day after. Drink lots of water, rest, and give yourself time to integrate.

What is an equinox?

An equinox is one of two days in the year where the amount of daylight and darkness are almost equal no matter where you live on the planet.  In Western astrology, the vernal (or spring) equinox represents the beginning of the new astrological year. It is a time for celebration and new beginnings.  The autumnal (or fall) equinox represents a time of gathering and harvesting, including emotionally and spiritually.

Why celebrate these holidays that mark the wheel of the year?

It is more important than ever to celebrate the holidays that connect us with the earth and the earth’s cycles. In the midst of the pandemic, there have been very few opportunities to celebrate. The eruptions and volatility – anger and fear-mongering and hate – have been strong.

Eruptions, volatility, volcanoes – are all dramatic. The drama of unfolding events in the past months has been overwhelming.

We have either been consumed by or overshadowed by the constrictions, the breakdowns, lockdowns, and the ongoing shifting of most of what we’ve known. The drama itself has our attention.

In the midst of this, it’s been hard to see that it’s not all bad.  It’s been difficult to realize that even in the midst of very difficult times, there is more going on than meets the eye.  Celebrating these holidays will draw you back to center, ground you, and remind you that what’s happening now is part of a larger cycle and the shift that began on December 21.

These seasonal holidays draw us back to basics.

  • knot-white
    They connect us with the earth.
  • knot-white
    They help you to get grounded and centered.
  • knot-white
    They provide the reminder that the drama and the constrictions may be the loudest voices, but they will not have the last word.
  • knot-white
    They remind you that everything goes in cycles.
  • knot-white
    They remind you that what is causing the most noise and drama is not all there is.
  • knot-white
    They help you have hope that this cycle is passing – or almost past – and it’s time to step into the new.

When we attune to the cycles of the earth, we are no longer swept away by the swirling and eruptions on the surface.
We remember we are part of something much larger and greater.

When we attune to the festivals of light, we bring light back into our lives and the lives of others. We shine the light of truth onto the shenanigans of those acting out more hatred and division.

What others have said about attunements

“Powerful,” and “Incredible” are the most-used adjectives I hear from those who write to me after an attunement.

Some of the comments I’ve received about the last celebration, attunement and healing session: “Amazing Session!” “Beautiful and powerful session!”

“Thank you for hosting the attunement. Somehow, I felt I needed to join in this. Over the past couple of weeks, I have experienced low back pain, affecting hips and legs, stiffness, and soreness. I felt the relief in the sacrum, which also relieved the hips and legs. It all went away when the bones balancing happened! I have been able to squat, not all the way, but something I have not been able to do for a long time. I’m hoping this lasts so that I can do more on my yoga practice.” A day later, she wrote, “So good to be able to move without the pain and stiffness!”
Vicki W, Michigan

“That session was so powerful. I literally felt the fear lift off me as soon as you mentioned…. I was carrying so much fear. And it just kept getting better from there. I couldn’t move after – had to integrate and just felt so peaceful.”
Angela S, Massachusetts

“Those in my orbit are noticeably more ‘lighter’ and joyous since the session.”
Casper B, British Columbia

“Thank you, Mary. I so enjoyed the session and the background and astrological facts that accompanied it. It was a great evening and loved being connect to 99+ people I’ve never met, but we will be connected now for sure. The healing of the planet was wonderful and so needed.”
Cindy H., North Carolina

“I joined the group only by phone last night and was blown away by the energy I felt during both the attunements and healings.”  A few days later, she wrote, “My awareness seems more expansive and I sense being an integral part of the Whole.”
Becky A., Ohio

I’d love for you to join me. It’s going to be a warm, open-hearted group, and the transformation is deeply nourishing and supportive.

Registration:  $45

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