Revolutions and Revelations: How to Navigate the Astrological Energies of 2022

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The year of Revolutions and Revelations is what one of my favorite astrologers, Pam Gregory, has named this astrological year. As we continue the unraveling of the old to make way for the new that began with the Great Conjunction on December 21, 2020, this year promises to be another epic year astrologically.

The Great Conjunction inaugurated a 20-year, 200-year, and 800-year cycle, and the astrological events since have offered powerful opportunities to shift out of the old into the new, to stand against fear, and to hold to our spiritual anchors in the midst of great challenge and change. 

So what does this year bring? There’s a lot happening. It’s going to be a wild ride. Fortunately, there is movement where there was a lot of constriction in 2021.

Revolutions and Surprises: Uranus

Last year was the year of Control (Saturn) vs. Freedom (Uranus), with these two archetypal energies duking it out for most of the year. Last year Saturn (control, rules, top-down regulations) had the upper hand. This year, Uranus (freedom, awakening, revolution and change) has the upper hand. 

In fact, Uranus energy comes to the fore, and is involved in the majority of the most significant astrological events this year. And when Uranus energy is strong, it is a time to expect surprises. Uranus is unpredictable. It is iconoclastic. Uranus is connected with eruptions and disruptions of all kinds, including physical eruptions such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 

For example, we have already experienced Uranian eruptive energy this year. Just three days after the underwater volcanic eruption that caused the tsunami that devastated Tonga, Uranus, which had been in retrograde since last August, stationed direct and began to move forward in the sky (January 18). 

Think of a giant tanker in the ocean. When it changes directions, it slows down and almost grinds to a halt before making its turn. All that slowing and halting magnifies the influence of that planet’s archetypal energy for at least a week on each side.

With Uranian energy so strong all this year, we can expect the unexpected. We can also expect a lot of eruptions and disruptions not only physically but socially, politically, governmentally, and more. We can also expect more revolutionary energy.

Nodal Shift into Taurus:  What is a nodal shift and why is it important?

There’s more. On the very same day Uranus stationed direct, the nodal axis shifted for the next 18 months. The north node shifted to Taurus, and the south node shifted to Scorpio. And this is going to have a huge impact on us this year, not least because Uranus is moving through Taurus. 

Ok, so I bet some of you are asking what are these nodes and why are they important? And why does it matter that Uranus is moving through Taurus right at this time? I’m glad you asked!

The lunar nodes are where the moon’s orbit crosses the elliptical, that is, the sun’s path. They are opposite each other in the chart. The north node represents where you’re going. It is the place of the biggest personal and spiritual growth, as it will move you out of your comfort zone, ask you to develop new skills, and take you into the fulfillment of your life path.

The south node, by contrast, represents the past. It’s the springboard to help you move toward your destiny. This is where your innate gifts lie; it’s kind of your comfort zone. But you can’t stay there. The call is to move forward into what you are called to be and do in this world. Here is a great article by Sarah Varcas that talks about both nodes and why the north node is the most important part of your birth chart. 

Sarah Varcas says this about nodal shifts: “Astrologically, the moon’s north node acts as a progress-marker and reveals the secret ingredient to obtaining fulfillment and satisfaction. It shows us how to more deeply occupy our humanity and manifest a future more fully aligned with the evolutionary arc of awakening. But it also demands we sacrifice the security of familiarity for a challenging but ultimately more effective and satisfying way.”

Strength and Resilience: Uranus, Taurus, and the North Node

So why does it matter that Uranus is moving through Taurus during these next 18 months? That could be the topic of an entire blog post. Let me just draw out a few of the most important threads.

First, Uranus and Taurus do not make the greatest of bedfellows. Taurus energy is down to earth; practical; conservative. It’s the sign known for stubborn resistance to change. It’s no accident that it is represented as a bull. Think feet planted solidly; standing firm; no movement until or unless you’re ready. Uranus, as I’ve mentioned above, is the planet of change, disruption, unpredictable events, and discontinuity. It’s all about liberation and freedom.

Sarah Varcas says this about Uranus’ place in its path through Taurus: “A transiting planet is always capable of its greatest impact at this point in a sign.” Everyone I’m reading talks about disruptions in food supply, financial upheavals and more. 

That could lead to a lot of fear, but remember this is part of the greater unraveling that is bringing in the era of unity consciousness and shared power. Remember, too, that Uranus is the Awakener, so all of these disruptions are in the service of what’s being born, and of awakening.

Strength and Resilience are the watchwords for this nodal shift. We’re being asked to develop deeper parts of our strength and resilience than we’ve ever known or felt before. This shift also calls on us both to find and to stand strong in our inner power and sovereignty. And finally, Taurus represents a turn toward simplicity.

Magic and Miracles

“Magic and Miracles” is Pam Gregory’s name for the energies of March and April in particular, although I’m also seeing some astrological events in the following couple months that could bring in that sort of energy as well. Jupiter (expansion, truth, creativity, learning, spiritual growth) is a big player in these months. 

Already, Jupiter is in Pisces, and is moving toward its meeting (conjunction) with Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces, on April 12. While there is possibility for delusion and illusion, there is also the opportunity for joy and bliss, as well as finding your sovereignty and autonomy. 

A couple other Jupiter events will support new beginnings and finding your strength and assertiveness. Together, these events offer the opportunity to increase your ability not only to dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed before, but to manifest your dreams. 

Eclipses, Uranus and the Nodes

A solar eclipse on April 30 will be meeting up with (conjunct) Uranus. And it happens in Taurus. It will be mirrored by a total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8 that is also conjunct Uranus (the date of the US mid-term elections).

Likewise, there is a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16, mirrored by a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25. These will highlight and accelerate much of what I wrote above. 

Revolutions and finding your Sovereignty

Pluto continues to be a big player this year. It’s still unraveling the old structures of power, but it’s also providing support for finding our internal strength and power and sovereignty. Uranus is going to help with this.

Then there’s the US-Pluto return that you may have already been hearing about. The actual return is Feb 20, 2022, but its effects will be continuing for the next few years. We will see very similar themes to those that gave rise to, what in the US we call the Revolutionary War. 

Again, Uranus will be big part of this revolutionary energy. This Pluto return is not just important for those of us who live in the US, but the ripple effects will be felt around the globe, say the UK astrologers I follow!

And that’s just the highlights! There is a whole lot more! As I said, it’s going to be an epic year astrologically.

What does this mean for you? How do you navigate all of these energies?

For one thing, this will be a wild ride of a year. The unraveling continues, and also the birthing of the new. It’s going to feel unstable: anything Uranian is bound to surprise us. 

Remember that all of this is in the service of awakening and that what you see in the 3-D world is not the last word. As Sarah Varcas writes, “We are facing an opportunity unprecedented in our time, to remake the world anew.”

So let’s get practical:  

✼ Don’t give in to fear. The fear mongers will be out in force, and those who are holding on to the old power and old ways of being will be strong voices. But don’t buy into them.

✼ Question everything. Cultivate your inner sovereignty and find your inner truth.

✼ Get grounded (Taurus can help with this): and do it physically. Get out in the grass; hug a tree; be outside in nature every time you can.

✼ Do your deep spiritual practices. The shift from Gemini to Taurus is also a shift from the mind to the heart. And Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is coming in to help us in some amazing ways this year. Do some daily practices that help you come back to your center and to your heart no matter what’s going on outwardly.

✼ Cultivate a deep inner peace by connecting with Source so that you can stay out of anxiety and swirling when the fear mongering gets strong.

✼ Take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Earthy Taurus will help you here too. 

✼ Choose what brings you peace. Choose what brings you joy. Do whatever connects you with your heart and the earth.

✼ Taurus brings with it a return to simplicity. Be prepared for the unexpected. Have staples and supplies on hand. Don’t freak out if/when things get volatile financially. Stay the course. Hold to what you know inside. 

✼ Last but not least, these energies are fostering the building of community. This is the time to find your tribe, and to build community with others. The power of even small groups of people gathering together cannot be underestimated.

The Necessity of Community

This is one of the big reasons I have felt called to continue the Attunement and healing sessions that I offer. When we gather together, we create new connections that support not only us personally, but collectively. 

One of my gifts is creating community, and I now have close to a decade of experience doing it online. For many years, I did these attunements and celebrations via teleconference. Zoom has enhanced our sense of connection and community by adding the ability to see each other as we participate together.  

I will be offering attunement and healing sessions for most of these events. The first is coming up on Sunday, January 30th. Here is the link for more information and to register. All of the major themes I’ve named above are already present in the events I will attuning you to. It is truly an attunement to get you in sync with 2022. In addition, I will be offering attunement and healing sessions in and around most of these events. 

This year, for the first time ever, I am offering the full Year of Attunements as one package.  

Why? There is so much going on this year that I wanted to offer you a strong container to get the support you need to navigate all that’s going on. I also want to support and foster the building of community. There is already a strong international group that gathers together for each attunement. I invite you to come be part of that growing community. 

What that means: when you register for the Year of Attunements (affectionally called the 2022 Attunement Bundle) you will be automatically registered for (and receive) all of the attunement and healing sessions I do this year. But there’s a lot more. If one of the events I mention above occurs in between our online sessions, I will attune you to that event when it happens. You receive support — in real time — to navigate whatever it is that is coming this year.

If you want to be able to attend the January 30 attunement live as part of your 2022 Attunement Bundle, the deadline for registering for it is Thursday (January 27). Here is the link for more information and to register

In closing I want to leave you with Sarah Varcas’s words of wisdom as my blessing to you as we move into this year of Revolutions and Revelations, Magic and Miracles: 

“Use the resilience of Scorpio to stand firm in the face of emotional storms, combined with the unrelenting steadfastness of Taurus to remain grounded no matter what. Seek security through wisdom and certainty through preparedness. Then spice it all up with that Uranian spirit of ‘ready for anything and excited about change when that anything arises!’”

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