Pain may actually be growth in disguise

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A number of you have reported that this month was difficult physically – with a lot of digestive issues and other immune issues to the fore.  Sometimes we process big spiritual and emotional shifts and changes in our bodies.  This is especially true for those of us who learned at a young age to process most things in our upper chakras.  One of my teachers calls this “going up and out” instead of feeling and processing things in our bodies (or lower chakras) as well.

Is this a Stretch or a Squeeze?

If you are in the midst of some physical issues, or know you are processing a spiritual or emotional shift, one important question to ask about the pain or discomfort is: “Is this a stretch or a squeeze?”

Dis-ease or discomfort is often the way your body processes growth and shifts.  Your body (and not just your psyche or your spirit) also has to get on board with those shifts.

Sometimes the discomfort is simply a way to clear things out. If that is the case, then the discomfort may actually be a stretch into something new in your life, or into a new way of being or thinking.

On the other hand, sometimes the dis-ease or discomfort is a squeeze, meaning perhaps that you’re letting go of an old pattern or habit of mind or being that no longer serves you.  In that case, the pain is there to squeeze you so that you can let go of whatever doesn’t serve you anymore.

Pain is a Signal

Unfortunately, the first step that most people take when they feel discomfort is immediately to say: “this is bad; this is harmful.”  And then they try to get rid of it, overcome it, or banish it as fast as they possibly can.

Pain, however, is most often a signal.  Because it’s uncomfortable, we label it “bad” or “harmful.”  Yet that is often the worst thing one could do.

You see, pain and discomfort are there for a reason, and will have great personal and spiritual gifts and growth to offer — if you’re open to seeing, and learning from it.

Open Up to the Possible Gifts

That’s where asking whether it’s a stretch or a contraction is so helpful.  That question can re-frame the pain and discomfort in a way that opens you up to the possible gifts that they bring.

So….my encouragement is to relax!  Instead of trying to move immediately out of the intensity or the discomfort, or the pain, take these steps above.  And take these steps with curiosity and a willingness to be surprised by what might come up!

With love and gratitude,


PS: If you have dis-ease or discomfort that you suspect is related to your personal and/or spiritual growth, I have a couple client slots open.  Check it out here. or book a  Discovery Call so we can explore how I might serve you!

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  • Juliet

    What an insightful reframe on pain. The stretch/squeeze question has set me pondering and thinking about pain and discomfort in a new way. Thank you Mary for your wisdom.

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