Mentoring Group

For a small group of people who wish to grow and expand their practice or profession under the guidance of Spirit and from a heart-centered, grounded place.

Why a mentoring group like this?

Even if you are achieving success, there are often places where you know you could have more confidence, and where you know you still stay hidden or small. You want to step into your power with ease and joy and serve as fully as you are able. You will learn how connecting with Spirit brings that ease and joy. It doesn’t all depend on you. Indeed, your surrender to Spirit brings great freedom, the ability to actually own your power and come to both your life and work with a deep authenticity, and the ability to receive more abundantly.

Additionally, meeting in a group multiplies the power exponentially. When I am working with another group member, you will find many resonances and insights for your own life and work.

How will I know if this group is right for me?

If any of the following resonate, then this group is for you:

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    You find that you are sometimes triggered by a client or a situation in your work, and you don’t know what to do.
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    You sometimes get stumped applying all the knowledge you gained in your courses in your practice or work, and you would like support for that.
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    You want more Spirit in your life and in your practice.
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    You know you have something bigger in front of you, but don’t know how to get there.
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    You wish you had more confidence or trust in yourself.
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    There are things you haven’t dared to try because you lack confidence, or think you don’t know enough or…
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    You feel the isolation of being in practice or business for yourself, and want a group of like-hearted people with whom you can share and grow.
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    You tend to second guess yourself a lot — especially when something in you has the urge not to follow the “rules” or “recipes” you learned slavishly.
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    Something in you knows that being more deeply grounded in Spirit and spiritual practice will make a huge difference in your life and work.

How will we meet?

We will meet by teleconference.

Private Facebook Group

There will be a private Facebook Group for sharing and support. I will be on the Facebook page week days, for 3 or more days a week, so that I can walk alongside you with whatever your challenges, fears, or celebrations are.

As the group members get to know one another, there is a combined effect on the whole group that is greater than each individual. You will create community – and support and inspire one another. Your witnessing of others working through their issues will transform you as well.

Each live session will consist of the following:

A sacred practice that we do together. This might be contemplation, guided meditation, connecting to the seasonal or astrological rhythm, working with a quality or virtue, or gratitude, for example. We’ll start each session with sacred practice to connect with Spirit and experience grounding and holding.

Time for questions & mentoring. There will be time for each person to have individual one-on-one mentoring time as part of the group process. I will work with you, offering insights, seeing ways forward where you are stuck, and providing loving, compassionate support.

Teachings & suggestions for further growth as needed. Sometimes, I will be guided to give you a spiritual practice or practical wisdom so that you may align more fully with the sacred and move into doing your work from a heart-centered perspective. You will learn what it means to “polish your surrender” in the context of your life and work.

We may also agree as a group to delve into some area of which I have some knowledge. In that case, one meeting/month will have more focus on teaching, and the other meeting will have more focus on questions and mentoring.

What are the details?

There is an application process to join.

Numbers are limited to six, so that you can receive individual attention.

We will meet twice monthly by teleconference for a session of 90 minutes, normally on the 1st and 3rd Monday at 1:30 pm eastern / 12:30 pm central / 11:30 am mountain / 10:30 am pacific. Sessions will be recorded in case you miss one.

Commitment is initially for 6 months, though you may find this group is so fulfilling that you end up staying on. This is not a course; it is an ongoing group with no end-point.

What is the cost?

Investment is $325 per month.

Meeting dates:

To be announced.

How do I apply?

Registration will be opening soon. If you have questions, please book a discovery call.

If you are intrigued, or you find your heart is opening as you read this, then please click on the button below to complete the application form. Once I receive your form, we will set up a 20-30 minute call to discern together whether this might be a fit for you.