Mending Webs: Somatic Relationships

Would you like to make a quantum leap in your healing work?

Accelerate your clients’ physical healing and at the same time, help them realize their full potential.

Learn a powerful approach to healing the body that also heals the things people do (the coping mechanisms) that hold them back from total health and ease in their lives.

Just as there may be tangled and broken relationships in groups, there are also webs of relationships within the bodymind.  For those of you who are also healing practitioners, bodyworkers, therapists, I am also offering

Mending Webs:  Somatic Relationships

This class provides powerful tools that work to change the energetic structure of the body so it can be a greater reflection of one’s higher purpose.

Is this you?

You have clients with complex situations; they may have experienced some shifts forward, but you notice that they still get stuck in their old coping mechanisms and keep telling their old stories.  It’s as if they only get so far, and their ingrained patterns and beliefs prevent them from progressing.

You have tried all your regular healing and/or therapeutic methods, and may have even worked with Emotional Freedom Technique or the like.  However these have only gotten you so far. You’ve seen some progress, but the break-through they have been working toward just hasn’t happened yet.

Ingrained habits and belief systems have more than a single root cause. Because multiple sources form complex web systems within the body-mind-spirit relationship, working with only one system or set of symptoms—be it physical, emotional/belief, or behavioral—is not effective.

To truly resolve your clients’ complex situations, you need to work with the web structure of their coping mechanism or behavioral pattern, including all the ways it is fed and nourished in body-mind-spirit.

I have been doing this work for close to two decades, and have seen extraordinary results in my practice.  As a teacher at heart I am excited to share with you these easy-to-learn methods to address complex situations

Case Study

I was working with a client who had been diagnosed with diabetes, whose doctor was recommending medication. She asked for six months to adjust her eating habits and to do some energetic work with me. We had been making some progress – she was feeling less anxious overall, and her blood sugar levels were beginning to come down. Then we worked with a somatic web in the pancreas that was all about adaptability. In the next couple weeks her blood sugar settled in the high normal range and stayed there. But more than that, she noticed that their anxiety was almost gone, and that she didn’t worry so much when she got into new situations – she could work out what to do or say with more ease. In short, she was able to adapt to life circumstances more easily.


This seminar is intended to help you learn to:

  • Identify, repair, and dissolve the webs of coping mechanisms, belief systems and stored memories in the body which no longer serve their wellbeing.
  • Work with the somatic (body-based) webs which form the foundation of our personality and behavioral traits.
  • Connect your client with their ancestral lineage enabling them to feel more secure, as if someone “has their back” in a way they’ve never experienced before.

Case Study

One of my clients comes from a long line of worriers, and had always used that worry to get through tough situations.  Her husband needed unexpected surgery and she needed to have that coping mechanism fully in place to be able to cope with the situation.  We repaired her worry web so that she could draw on it for the short-term situation. A few months later, she was ready to move out of that coping mechanism, and we dissolved the web.  She is no longer reliant on worry to get her through difficult situations.

Specific Outcomes

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    Physical: When webs in the body are tangled or broken, they can create serious dis-ease. Working with the somatic web can resolve even physical symptoms that have been impacting the client for quite awhile, and which nothing else has addressed.
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    Personality transformation: Because we are working with coping mechanisms, belief systems, and identity masks, resolving a somatic web results in personality transformation. For instance, your clients may let go of lifelong coping mechanisms.
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    Personal growth: When clients let go of coping mechanisms and long-held beliefs about the way things are or should be, the result is personal growth. Our world is is in the midst of a shift in consciousness, and -- by helping people shed their old ways of coping and interacting with the world -- they also come into greater awareness.


I’ve found Mending Webs Somatic Relationships to be an excellent adjunct for Body Talk practitioners as well as other energy practitioners.  As a BodyTalker who is also a rehabilitation professional (Physical Therapist) I find the web work to be indispensable in locating areas of the body mind that are influencing the clients conditions/complaints and treating them with an easy to follow protocol .  This work can be done within the BodyTalk protocol or as a “stand alone” technique, which is how I usually utilize it. I highly recommend Mary’s work.

Matt F., MPT, Michigan

This class is for you if:

  • You are a healing practitioner or therapist who recognizes that there is more to healing than simply getting rid of symptoms.
  • You have been searching for a multi-dimensional approach for addressing the diverse influences and underlying causes of dis-ease.
  • You want to turbo-charge your practice and get deeply dramatic results: working with somatic webs is exponentially more powerful than simply working with the physical level of the body alone.

Case Study

I was working with a client on the autistic spectrum, whose father was away during most of the time they were in the womb. The somatic web work connected them more closely with his father, and with his entire paternal lineage. In the next few weeks, he made dramatic progress:  in this case, he interacted much more with his father and other members of the family, he began to make eye contact with people for the first time ever, and he began to interact with siblings in a way they hadn’t done before.

What can I expect?

As a lifelong educator, I use teaching techniques  for all types of learning styles. The class will consist of a combination of PowerPoint presentation, demonstration, and practice.  

I also believe that learning needs to be fun.  Laughter and play help people relax — and when you’re relaxed, you learn more easily and quickly — so my classes are full of humor and light-heartedness.

I ask people to dress comfortably. I teach in sections, with demonstrations and practice after each section.  In this way, you will have a body memory of everything we do, which will help you remember when you go home.

Each day there will be a 90-minute lunch break, as well as a 15-minute break in the morning and the afternoon.  I provide light snacks (you are welcome to bring anything more that you need).



I have been using the Mending Webs techniques in my practice for several years now. With several of my clients I have observed better clarity of boundaries in relationships and decision making. I have also observed better health as we have balanced the relationship web between parts of the body.

If you are wanting to add a tool to your practice that will enhance the healing process of your clients, I recommend taking these class.

Mary teaches the class in such a way that it is both informative and fun and you leave being able to utilize it immediately.

Debra B. LMT, CBP, Ohio

Hi!  I’m Mary Shields, and I have been doing healing work since 2002.

A life-long teacher, I began teaching others as a high school student in the late 1970’s. After 13 years as a professor, I gave up tenure to move into full-time healing and educational work. I began teaching Reiki in 2001, and have been teaching courses in several modalities, including the BodyTalk System and Bars Access Consciousness since then. Some of the most powerfully transforming work I have done with people has been working with relationship dynamics – either in families or in groups, or within the body. The Mending Webs seminars are my own creation, bringing together my years of practical and educational experience. I am excited to share them with you.

Extra resources:

You will receive an electronic version of the class PowerPoint, as well as handouts on each of the procedures.  The handouts are laid out in such a way that you can take and use them as step-by-step recipes when you get home.  

There will be lots of time for Q and A. Additionally, my commitment to you is that we will practice everything I teach.

I also offer a series of follow-up seminars so you can continue to practice with other members of the class, and so you can bring your questions and case studies.  In each session I will also review one of the primary aspects of the class. More information will be coming soon.

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November 10-11, 2018

Time: 10:00AM – 6:30PM

Tuition: $500

Mending Webs: Healing Relationships is normally a pre-requisite for this class. If you haven’t taken Mending Webs: Healing Relationships, please click here to register for that course first.

Early bird $450 (save $50) if you register and pay in full before October 8th. Use coupon code: EBMWSR.

Repeat course for $250. Use coupon code: MONITORMWS.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 per course must be received to reserve your spot.

Location: Columbus (Dublin), OH

Holiday Inn Express in Dublin

5500 Tuttle Crossing, Columbus, OH
Phone: 614.793.5500

Must be booked by Friday, October 12, 2018.
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Your Instructor

Mary Shields, Ph.D., Holistic Healing Practitioner, Adv. CBP, Adv. CBI, Parama BP, BAT, RMT


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