Mending Webs: Healing Relationships

Are relationships draining your energy?

Learn how to mend webs and nurture the relationships with those you love.

Relationships!  They bring joy and pain.  Painful family dynamics, conflict in communities or groups are incredibly common, and can impact your life in huge ways.

Everywhere you look, you see broken relationships within families and groups. The breakdown of true connections between people is painfully visible – in personal relationships, in communities, in one’s country, and the world at large.  Relationship mending has never been more crucial.

As either a leader or a participant in a family or group, you are aware of tensions that have an impact on how well your group or family functions. Often the web of interconnections and relationships is tangled, or even broken.

You may have tried to resolve the tensions through counseling, acting as a peacemaker, or trying to get people to talk honestly and openly with each other, but the tensions remain.  And you find that even if an individual heals an issue with one person, another problem pops up.

These conflicts often need to be healed at a very different level than just working things out between individuals.  


Mending Webs: Healing Relationships

A two day workshop to help heal dynamics in groups or families

With challenges in groups, often it’s not the current situation that is the problem. Sometimes the poor dynamics are driven by an underlying family bond or relationship that has been carried unconsciously for generations.  Such interactions could be affecting the entire family, or, in the case of a business or corporation, one or more individuals could be bringing the dynamics to their work. It is necessary to mend the stress factors underlying these tangled relationships and to heal them. This energetic relationship mending  is what I call Mending Webs.

The process is something anyone can learn to do, and it can be used with your own relationships, within groups of which you’re a part, and even institutions.

This seminar is intended to help bring healing and wholeness to broken threads or disturbances in the webs of your life.

In Mending Webs: Healing Relationships you will learn:

  • a process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness (when you heal the family, you heal the entire family lineage).
  • how to get to a depth that not only heals the current issue, but heals the entire family lineage.
  • how to resolve ancestral, environmental, historical, ethnic and other influences that may impact the specific group, member of a group, or family you are working with.
  • how to work with the underlying energetics, even when other members of a group aren’t physically present, that can shift relationships in dramatic and helpful ways. If you are familiar with family constellations work, it expands on its principles.
  • a safe clearing method that will clear curses and other negative energies that may be ancestral or present-day, environmental or historical, to make current relationships healthier.

And more….

Case Study

A few years ago the owner of a mortgage company that was having some difficulties hired me to do some web work.  People weren’t getting along, the owner suspected some people were in the wrong jobs for them, some employees resisted the leader of one of the company branches, and one person in particular no longer did his job.  After my first session, working only with the owner, off the premises of the company, a number of things happened without the owner’s intervention or prompting. Two people traded jobs, the one who was not really doing his job decided to retire, and the person who really needed to step up and head one branch of the company stepped up in a big way.  After another session, the company was running well and efficiently again.

I have seen these sorts of results with churches, groups, and especially families.

Why does this work?

Relationships are messy.  And webs, since they involve relationships, by default will often need healing.  We see it everywhere. Institutions and groups break down, and sometimes dissolve due to collapses in communications, or the person who was leading leaves or shifts into something new, and the whole web has to change or it disintegrates. This work can help with such shifts, and smooth the pathway for shifts that need to happen.

In a family, for example, sometimes relationships need to be redefined – such as when there is a divorce, or when someone dies.

Sometimes a family member is either asked or expected to fill a role that really doesn’t belong to them, and there’s tension in the system.  Or there is tension between two or more family members.

Case Study

I was working with “Greta,” who had been feeling estranged from her brother for the past couple years. As we worked with her family of origin from her perspective, when we energetically placed the family in a circle, the brother was not only not there, but was about 10 feet outside of the circle facing away. She said, “That’s it! That’s exactly how I feel!” In the session we were able, in stages, to bring the brother to face back toward the family, and then to join the circle.

At her next session she reported that she and her brother had been in contact and that it felt as if all the tensions had melted away. They started talking again, and worked through their issues. Several months later, she reported that they had developed the closeness they once had.

What is true for families is also true for other groups:  religious institutions, businesses, schools, sports clubs or teams, etc.  In each of these, each person in the system or web has their own role. Working with each of these can have a powerful effect on how the whole system functions.

Best of all it’s done entirely energetically.  You don’t need to gather the entire group together to do this work.  You can either work with someone in the system who is experiencing discomfort or dis-ease, or you can work with the leadership of the system, what I call the “webkeeper(s),” and thereby work with the dynamics of the group as a whole.

We see these broken webs all over the place right now.  The world needs people who can mend the webs.

Case Study

A few years ago I worked with a family where the father had died.  The middle-school-aged son, “Steve,” was having real troubles dealing with the loss of his dad, and had started acting out in class.  Each family has two webkeepers (webkeepers are the ones who have the most influence over or lead a group). In this case, Steve was missing someone to fill his paternal webkeeper role.  Together with his mom, we determined that his maternal uncle was the proper person to fill the role of paternal webkeeper, and we established that connection. Within the next few weeks, Steve’s behavioral issues resolved, and he reported that he didn’t feel so lost and alone.  His mother reported that he seemed much more comfortable in general.

This seminar is especially for you if:

  • You are a leader of a group (work, personal, social, spiritual) that is in various stages of dysfunction, and you would like to be able to heal the whole group dynamic.
  • You are a head of your family and you’re struggling to hold everyone together or to reorganize the dynamic of the family in the face of broken relationships or loss.
  • You are a leader of different communities or groups, and feel powerless in the face of really painful interactions.
  • You would like to learn a safe energetic clearing technique that can be used in all types of dynamics and relationships.
  • You realize that ancestral, environmental, historical, ethnic, religious, and other factors are influencing the groups you work with, and you would like to learn how to heal those influences.

The principles I teach will be clear and practical no matter your background or experience.

It doesn’t matter if you have a background in energy work or not.  If you are a healing professional or therapist, you will be able to take these techniques and processes and use them immediately in your practice.


Mary is a gifted teacher who presents material in a clear and concise manner.  Relationships are the essence of our lives and mending webs offers a different lens to approach this balance.  Mary maintains a respectful and insightful environment in which to examine these energetic connections. Her guidance and intuition help clarify each student’s situation creating a new and fresh perspective.

Terry A, PT, Missouri

What can I expect?

As a lifelong educator, I use teaching techniques  for all types of learning styles. The class will consist of a combination of PowerPoint presentation, demonstration, and practice.

I also believe that learning needs to be fun.  Laughter and play help people relax — and when you’re relaxed, you learn easier and quicker — so my classes are full of humor and light-heartedness.

I ask people to dress comfortably.  I teach in sections, with demonstrations and practice after each section.  In this way, you will have a body memory of everything we do, which will help you remember when you go home.

Each day there will be a 90-minute lunch break, as well as a 15-minute break in the morning and the afternoon.  I provide light snacks (you are welcome to bring anything more that you need).

Case Study

I worked with a mom who was having problems with her teenage son. She said he was acting rudely, especially in situations where she asked him to complete chores or do anything around the house. He had stopped talking with her and she felt that he was resistant even about letting her know if he had completed his homework or outstanding projects, etc. She finally became aware that she was seeing him as a 5-year-old, and that was impacting how she was treating him. When we did the web work, the energetic web relationship was that of a mother with a very young son. We dissolved that relationship and established a new web relationship between her and her son as a teenager. At her next session, she said, “It was like night and day!” Not only was she able to begin treating him differently, but noted a significant shift in his behavior toward her: she said his rudeness had all but disappeared, he was more helpful around the house (although he still resisted doing chores here and there), and that he was talking more freely about what was going on with him. She said she realized she had been a bit overbearing about the homework and projects, and had made an effort to back off. Now she could ask him about it, and he didn’t seem as defensive.

Hi!  I’m Mary Shields, and I have been doing healing work since 2002.

A life-long teacher, I began teaching others as a high school student in the late 1970’s. After 13 years as a professor, I gave up tenure to move into full-time healing and educational work. I began teaching Reiki in 2001, and have been teaching courses in several modalities, including the BodyTalk System and Bars Access Consciousness since then. Some of the most powerfully transforming work I have done with people has been working with relationship dynamics – either in families or in groups, or within the body. The Mending Webs seminars are my own creation, bringing together my years of practical and educational experience. I am excited to share them with you.

Extra resources:

You will receive an electronic version of the class PowerPoint, as well as handouts on each of the procedures.  The handouts are laid out in such a way that you can take and use them as step-by-step recipes when you get home.

There will be lots of time for Q and A.  Additionally, my commitment to you is that we will practice everything I teach.

I also offer a series of follow-up seminars so you can continue to practice with other members of the class, and so you can bring your questions and case studies.  In each session I will also review one of the primary aspects of the class.

More information will be coming soon.

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November 8-9, 2018

Time: 10:00AM – 6:30PM

Tuition: $500

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Your Instructor

Mary Shields, Ph.D., Holistic Healing Practitioner, Adv. CBP, Adv. CBI, Parama BP, BAT, RMT


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Note:  Mending Webs:  Healing Relationships is normally a pre-requisite for the following course, Mending Webs: Somatic Relationships.

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