How Not to Be Reactive in a Very Reactive Time

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How to not React in a Very Reactive Time

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more intense, they do!  This may be the refrain for these next couple months.

In the meantime, we have had a very bumpy ride – and all indications are that it’s not going to get any less bumpy any time soon.

So how do you stay centered?  How do you pull yourself out of reaction?    Today I am offering a very simple, one minute process that will help you do that in any situation.

First, though, let’s take a step back and look at the larger picture.  When you can view all of this in a larger context it will also help you avoid reactivity in what is going to continue to be a very reactive time.

Looking at the larger picture

Once again in this epic year astrologically, the movements of the planets help to provide context and understanding for the turmoil we’re seeing and will continue to see.  Let me start with the long-term good news!  This turmoil will end.  Although we’re in the midst of the breakdown and collapse of old structures, that is not the last word.  Much of what we’re seeing is part of the build-up to the “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, which will inaugurate a new era. This event will be a part of our coming out of the chrysalis we have been in most of this year.  More on that event in future posts.

Meanwhile, however, the planetary energies are mirroring what is happening now and vice versa (remember, “as above, so below”).  Let’s look to them to gain some insights about what is happening both now and for the next few months.  When you can see the larger picture, it can help keep you from despairing or reacting in the midst of it.

 Pluto-Saturn Redux

You may remember that we had an epic meeting, or conjunction, of Saturn and Pluto on January 12.  Ever since then, these two have been dancing close together.  Why do I mention this now?  Saturn and Pluto are approaching the same kind of meeting they had on January 12.

In fact, we’re going to get almost a redux of the conjunction that occurred then. If you remember, this is the meeting that has been associated with previous pandemics, major world shifts (including the Protestant Reformation), and more.  This meeting of Saturn and Pluto has also been associated historically with the collapse of old structures to make way for the new.  For more information, see my post on these energies here.

What that means is that we are continuing to see the breakdown of old structures, the building of new systems, and massive societal and political change.  You can see it everywhere you look!  And of course, the powers that be (governments, etc.) are trying to hold on to the old structures with an iron fist.

What’s adding fuel to the fire are three really strong astrological energies opposing this Pluto-Saturn dance.  These next few months are going to see recurring meetings (conjunctions) of Mars and Eris in Aries opposing Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, with Uranus in the mix. Ok, you may be saying — but what does that mean?

Disruption, Eruption, Awakening

Mars and Eris are very strong energies.  Mars is the classical warrior archetype — think combative energy.  One of Eris’ archetypes is a disruption of the status quo.  However, another of Eris’ archetypes is the awakener, so the disruption occurs in the service of greater awakening.

Additionally, Uranus is very close to Mars and Eris right now. It is also going into retrograde this month. What that means: it will appear to go backward in the sky, which will amplify its energies. Uranus is associated with earthquakes and eruptions – both literally and figuratively.  But, like Eris, one of its primary qualities is that of awakening, so the eruptions can also be in service of greater awakening.

In these next few months the disruptive, strong, combative energies of Mars and Eris, together with Uranus, come up against the old power structures which are trying to impose limitations to keep the old top-down structures in place (Pluto and Saturn).  This Mars, Eris, and Uranus energy is the kind of energy that has historically led to protests and great societal change.  We’ve been seeing such protests the world over this year:  India and Europe, earlier on; and most recently Hong Kong and the U.S.

Yes, this turbulence is strong – and may get even stronger in the next few months, but being aware of the larger picture can remind us that what we’re seeing – no matter how turbulent – is not the end.  It is not where we’re going to end up.

One more positive reminder

The larger shift that we’re a part of is a shift out of duality and polarity and into a new unity consciousness.  This shift will bring us out of a largely competitive way of operating in the world, to a more collaborative, mutually supportive way of being.  It’s important to be aware of the larger picture – the larger shift in consciousness that all of this bumpiness is leading toward.

But we aren’t there yet.  So, how do you hold on to the larger vision when there is so much negativity, fear-mongering, hatred, and divisiveness right now?

Rather than being swayed by the news, focusing on all the bumpiness, or giving in to fear, it’s important to turn inward and double- and triple-down on our spiritual practices. Here is where we can bring in August’s Leo energy – the energy of the heart – to help us.

The Lion’s Gate

Fortunately, right now Leo is providing strong energetic support for our inner work.  At the end of July/beginning of August, there is always a star alignment that acts as a portal.  You may have heard it called the Lion’s Gate. (Leo, the current astrological sign is depicted as a lion in western traditions).  This time has been revered as a time of growth and expansion for centuries. In 2020, it runs from July 26-August 12.  All you need to take advantage of this portal is awareness, commitment to growth and expansion, and willingness to receive support for that growth.

Along with this opportunity to move into a deeper spiritual awareness and expansion, Leo energy is giving us even more support.  Leo energy is closely associated with heart energy.  This month I invite you to center on your heart and practice a one-minute practice that will help your heart navigate all of the turmoil.

Given all the reactionary and combative energy out there right now, focusing on your heart and developing your heart energy of centeredness, awareness, and most of all love, is truly necessary.  It’s necessary for you.  It’s necessary to be able to navigate this very bumpy time.  It’s necessary for our communities, and for our planet as a whole.

A practice for your heart

So today, inspired by Pam Gregory, I offer you a practice that comes out of the Heart Math Institute.  If you don’t know this institute, I encourage you to check it out.  For decades they have been doing scientific studies of the heart and what happens when you tune into the heart.

Did you know that the heart’s energy field is 60 times more powerful than the energy field of the head brain?  That’s pretty amazing!  More than that, the Heart Math Institute’s studies have shown that when the heart is in coherence, it also helps all the other systems of the body come into coherence.

When you are angry or upset or feel disconnected or anxious, then your heart goes out of coherence.  Among other consequences, that can weaken your immune system.  However, if you can focus on bringing your heart into coherence then that actually builds up your immune system, which in turn helps you deal with any assaults on it, such as viruses.

That is what this practice is designed to do.  Wow!  Here’s a practice that could actually help us avoid Covid-19 — or at least make us less susceptible to it!.

Bringing your heart into coherence will also pull you out of fear and any kind of reactivity.  Best yet, when you do it for yourself, it has an effect on all those around you too!  Empaths, this technique is especially important for you in these next few months, due to everything I wrote about above.

The Practice Itself

Step 1:  Focus on your heart area in the center of your chest.  Imagine that you’re breathing through your heart as if your heart is a lung.  Let your breathing slow and deepen.

Step 2:  Focus on something you have gratitude, appreciation or love for.  It can be anything in your life:  a person, an event, even hot water, or the sun shining.

That’s it!  When you have done this, your heart will come into coherence, and your heart will send that coherence to every cell of your body. Best yet, this practice takes only a minute. You can do it anywhere and at any time.  And it will always bring your heart into coherence.  Here is a link to a visual and audio version of this practice on the Heart Math Institute website.

A Practice for the world too

Finally, their studies show that when we do this together — that is, bring multiple hearts into coherence at the same time — it actually has an impact on the field around us.  One more practice that will not only help you but will help bring the world into coherence, can be found here. It is a very simple process that takes two minutes.  Can you spare two minutes to help the world step out of negativity, reactiveness, combativeness and fear?  As the Heart Math Institute says, “This helps open the heart more and increases your effectiveness when you start sending care to the entire planet or a specific situation or area of need.”

Please take and use these practices – daily – or even more often – over the next few months.  Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  These practices give us the chance to do just that in very challenging times.

PS:  Many of you have been asking for more attunement and healing sessions to help navigate these very strong energies.  I am happy to say that I will be offering one every month leading up to the “Great Conjunction on December 21.” The next one is August 23 at 8 pm eastern time, and we will be focusing on many of the astrological energies I’ve been talking about here.  I hope you will join me.  Here is the link to sign up.

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  • Cynthia M. MASON

    I like your word intensity – vs challenge or other – it is positive!

    • Mary Shields

      Thanks so much, Cynthia! I think it’s really important to see as much of the positive we can in this situation. Yes, it’s difficult and challenging — and there are also so many opportunities. This chrysalis time is precious. My hope is that this practice will not only help with reactivity, but also help us make the most of this time.

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