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 “Can’t you hear me scream? I’m here! I exist! I matter!” exclaimed one of my clients, Lisa, about several of her experiences this past week. I’ve been hearing varieties of this not only from clients, but everywhere. As another friend said, “Everyone is so wound up!” Do you feel unheard, too?

Because the feeling of not being heard is such a core theme for so many people, I have written about this before. However, even if it isn’t a core theme in your life, you may have an increasing desire to be heard or recognized.

If this is a theme in your life, it’s probably intensifying right now. You see, the dwarf planet, Eris, is facing off with Pluto all this year (and next), and it’s one of her core archetypal themes.

In mythology, Eris is the sister of Mars, and carries the female warrior archetype. There was to be a big wedding on Mt. Olympus, but Eris was intentionally not invited. Furious at being left out, she crashed the party. She caused mayhem by throwing a golden apple into the crowd of goddesses, crying, “This is for the fairest one!” The goddesses immediately began to squabble about who was the fairest. Their squabble led, ultimately, to the Trojan war.

Eris, the feisty street-fighter

Eris is similar in archetype to Uranus. She is both the Goddess of Discord and the Female Awakener. Her energy is about truth, integrity, and waking people up so their needs are heard in society.  

She’s also a feisty street-fighter. In fact, when people take the streets for justice, they are exhibiting archetypal Eris energy. We saw this all over the world as people took to the streets in protests, marches, and demonstrations for th e past 18 months. 

Eris energy is intensifying right now, and will come to a peak later this week (July 21). That day, Eris stations direct (stops or parks) before going retrograde (if you look at Eris from earth, it will appear that she is moving backward in the sky).  

Right now, she is slowing down in preparation for parking and moving backward. One astrologer says it is like turning a big ship. As the brakes are applied, the ship grinds slower and slower, before making a big wide turn. The slowing down period and the movement in the opposite direction both intensify the archetypal energies. 

Disruption is bringing Transformation

On that same day (July 21), Mars is energizing Eris from Leo, which is the sign of courage. At the lowest vibration, there could be a lot of aggression. At the highest vibration, this will help you stand in your courage. 

As if that isn’t enough, the square (conflict or face-off) between Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is not only continuing but strengthening. This face-off began in early 2020 and will continue through 2021, with the last direct square taking place in October. 

What does this mean? On the one hand, this face-off represents the conflict between revolution and repression that we have been seeing all over the world. The Disrupter (Eris) is facing off with the one who is all about top-down authority, rules, and the old order (Pluto in Capricorn). 

On the other hand, at their highest vibration, The Transformer (Pluto) helps us do the deep work of transformation, while the Female Awakener (Eris) creates the disruptions that help us actually transform.

According to the astrologers I’ve been reading, these energies are not only predominant now, but will continue over the next few months.  More importantly, they are creating an acceleration of the demolition of the old order, together with the acceleration of the evolution of the new. These accelerations are happening in parallel and linked to each other. 

The face-off between Pluto and Eris contributes to this acceleration, as Pluto in Capricorn is holding on to power — and top-down power at that — whereas Eris in Aries insists on recognition, being heard, and the power of individual and collective action.

How to use these strong energies: The Antidote

When you factor the Saturn-Uranus square (conflict or face-off), that’s continuing all this year, into the mix, you also add these themes: old vs. new; and control vs. freedom. It could be a truly volatile mix! At the same time, it also has huge potential for transformation, justice, and freedom, as well for a new order that is not top-down, but a more horizontal and collaborative power structure.

And of course, as usual, you have choices. It is pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to feel this energy pretty strongly. You can drop into, or be overwhelmed by the angry, aggressive, volatile energy. Or you can rise to the highest vibrations of these archetypal energies.  For example, you can use this energy to shift into the new that is coming, as well as use it for your personal and spiritual growth.

To do so, you will need the courage to stand strong.  Fortunately, Mars in Leo is bringing in that precise energy on July 21. The energies around the full moon on July 23/24 (depending on where you are in the world), will also help.

The energy is available for transformation, awakening, freedom, and stepping into your power, but it will take awareness and conscious effort. I encourage you to hold to your spiritual practices, especially those which ground you and help you stay in your heart.  

If you feel pulled into the intensity or volatility, bring yourself back to center with any kind of grounding practice. If you can, put your bare feet in the grass or hug a tree.

I also suggest the one-minute practice that will bring your heart back into coherence. And don’t forget, when you do these things, you do it not just for yourself, you also help the planet.

More help if you are in need

If you’d like to go deeper with a grounding meditation, and you are not currently receiving my newsletter (where I talk more about all of these types of energies!), you can sign up to receive that here. The meditation will arrive to your inbox immediately. I have recently sent this exact meditation to a slew of clients who have reported back that it has been extremely helpful. If you do receive my newsletter, the link is in the companion email to this blog!

To support you in dealing with all of these energies, I am offering an online celebration, attunement, and community healing session on July 25, 2021. Here is the link for more information. To register, click here.

Bonus: if you are registered by July 21 by 6 pm et, I will do a special attunement for the energies that day (Eris stationing retrograde and her meeting with Mars in Leo). That will provide the extra support to navigate the volatility before we meet. 


Image Credit & Copyright: Thierry Lombry

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