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One of my clients, Patty, and I were talking recently about power. She gets an intuition about a situation, but then she questions herself and doesn’t trust her inner knowing. As she reports it, most of the time she doesn’t act on her inner knowing, only to find out a few days or weeks later that it was precisely what was needed in the situation. However, when she acts on her inner knowing, almost invariably, she finds that it had been the most productive thing she could have done. She is shifting from external power to internal power. 

Unravel from External Authority

Does this resonate for you? It is something that is ubiquitous in Western culture. While it’s more common for women to report it, men also experience it. 

We are all living in a time when everything has pointed toward external authority. This has been part of the top-down, hierarchical culture that has been prevalent for a couple of thousand years. 

However, just as with all the other current unraveling, how we deal with external power and authority is also unraveling. And it’s time! You can see it all around you. No longer is everyone buying into the authoritative narrative. In fact, there are a bunch of competing authoritative narratives, resulting in confusion. When they are competing, which narrative do you follow and why? That very confusion, however, is also catapulting us even deeper into the unraveling. 

Embrace Your Internal Power

This year is all about power: who has it; who doesn’t; how to claim it. More than that, we are all being called to shift from external power to internal power. 

Instead of following all the outer voices and authorities (and believing whatever they tell you), we are being called into our own deep discernment.

And you know what? This is a skill we’ve had since the beginning. You can read more about the gut-brain here, but suffice it to say that you have a gut brain that has always had this skill. You’ve just been told in a whole host of ways not to trust it. However, this skill is built into your very DNA. 

Connect with Source

This is one part of the sea change happening right now. Each of us is being called to live from the inside out. We’re being called to develop and/or use our Divinely-given gifts of discernment to determine what to believe and the best course of action to take. 

And of course, we don’t do that in a vacuum. Part of our inner discernment comes out of the fact that we are all interconnected. Power is always negotiated; it’s part of a relationship. And another part of our discernment comes out of our connection with Source. As one of my teachers puts it, we’re the viceregent and the Divine is the regent.  

But those are topics for whole blog posts. If we can agree on those basics, and that both of those need further fleshing out, then let’s come back to this larger shift from external to internal power. 

Explore Your Own Inner Power

As Patty has begun to explore her inner power and trust her inner knowing, she tells me she feels freer and also more grounded. As she’s begun to realize how much she was turning over her power to “authorities,” she began to question them more.  

She’s learned to stop when she feels the inner nudging that something isn’t quite right. When that happens, she spends some time connecting with the Divine for guidance. And then she connects with her internal knowing and acts from that place. As she does, she’s feeling more and more creative.  

Have you felt this shift in yourself? Are you learning to question external “authorities” or the external authoritative narrative? Do you (or are you learning to) trust your inner knowing? And what happens when you do?  Please comment below!

If you haven’t felt it yet, then I encourage you to explore. When you read or listen to an “authority,” ask questions. Don’t just take what they say as gospel truth or at face value. Go inward and access your internal knowing. 

Ask Your Knowing

Does it resonate? Does it feel “spot on” or feel “off” in some way? Then take the time to sit with your internal knowing before you act. Each time you do so, you develop a greater sense of inner confidence. You also awaken your inner creativity. 

As I’ve talked about elsewhere, when you make that shift, you actually become the weaver of your life. It’s a process that will set you free. More than that, it will also help the world become free.

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