Principles of Consciousness

Explore the philosophy behind BodyTalk, the most exciting and revolutionary advances in health and healing wisdom. Explore how each one of our organs, endocrines and body parts have their own tendencies toward specific states of consciousness and belief systems.

Join Mary Shields Ph.D. for a thought provoking and an insightful weekend of spiritual learning, joyful laughter and committed practice. In the relaxed and fun atmosphere of this class, you will be invited to move beyond your comfort zone, to question what you believe is possible, and to tap into your real potential.

Discover the Foundation Behind BodyTalk

This “experience” of the Principles of Consciousness was wonderful, exceptional. Mary’s enthusiasm & teaching methods brought the material to life. The practice sessions where having helpful. It was a great integration into my personal life!

Mary D., Cincinnati, Ohio

4 Areas of Focused Study:

  • The role of the Five Senses in stress, conflict, and disease
  • Consciousness and how misperception and misinterpretation influence your expereience of life, health and wellness
  • Individuation – the process of un-becoming which results in just being yourself
  • Take your practice to a whole new level of effectiveness: Every part of the body has a consciousness. You will learn how to balance the consciousness, which can have a profound effect on the person's physical health.

Note: Principles of Consciousness is only available to IBA members. BodyTalk: Fundamentals 1 &  2 and the purchase of the PaRama Advanced Procedures course are pre-requisites for Principles of Consciousness. 

Mary presented this module in a very clear manner and made this course fun and gave us the tools to immediately start using this difficult material in our practice. I am very grateful to her.

Chris D., Blue Bell, PA

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Your BodyTalk Instructor

Mary Shields, Ph.D. Adv. CBP, Adv. CBI, Parama BP, BAT, RMT