Becoming the Weaver: Transmuting Resistance Into Creativity

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A friend and colleague, Maria and I, have been talking about weaving.

Resistance. Rebellion. Confinement. Constriction. Overwhelm. Do any of these describe your experience recently? If so, you’re not alone. It’s everywhere! You may also be feeling waves of anger and/or fury at things that don’t normally trigger you (or things that have been brewing under the surface for some time).

Instead of staying stuck in all of these external waves — instead of feeling defeated by all this, I invite you to enter into an inner process — a process of transmuting resistance into creative freedom. And that’s where the weaving comes in.

If you believe a lot of what you’re hearing in the collective, you may be feeling like you’re a fly caught in a web, a web that is woven by those in power, and those with lots of resources to impose their will. And that gives rise to all of those feelings I named above — plus fear and a sense of helplessness, even defeat, perhaps alternating with resistance.

What you Resist Persists

Have you heard the old adage: “What you Resist Persists?” It’s actually true. If you have a resistance mindset, it actually magnifies what you’re resisting. Think about it. When you resist something, it becomes your biggest focus. Everything else fades, and all you can think about is what you resist.

This is one reason why resistance is ultimately futile. Now please hear me out before you go into reaction. What I’m not saying is that there are no times for resistance. Resistance has its place. But you can’t stay there. When you stay in resistance, you will eventually feel like that fly caught in a web – because you will get knotted and entangled in it.

You Have Choice

If you believe you’re a fly caught in a web, you will struggle with all your might to get free of the web – and in the process, get even more entangled. Here is where the weaving comes in. You are not a piece of cloth being woven by external events where you have no agency. Regardless of how it may appear, you are not completely at the mercy of someone else who is weaving your life. You do have choices.

Instead of getting stuck in overwhelm, instead of giving up and going into defeat, remember who you are. This requires a shift in your internal perspective. Remember that you are a spark of the divine, as it is phrased in one spiritual tradition. You are not the woven; you are the weaver of your life.

That shift in perspective alone will awaken your inner creativity. When you take on board that you are the weaver, you can choose to reach deep down inside and find the place in you that holds a positive vision. Remember that no matter what is going on “out there,” you do have inner resources to draw on.

You are the Weaver

I want to clarify that I’m not talking about taking over the Divine Weaver’s role.  However, the Divine Weaver is not the puppeteer pulling the strings on the marionette. Instead, the Divine Weaver both created us — and relies on us — to weave the pattern that is ours to weave. It is in this sense that I am talking about you being the weaver of your life.

Maria and I were talking about precisely this. This is a time to awaken that inner creativity to become the weavers of our life and our world. We are being called to turn inward and do the deep spiritual work of finding our inner-spark, our inner light, our inner creativity.

Awakening Your Inner Creativity

How do you do that? First you have to stop believing you’re the fly caught in the web. If you focus on the resistance, the resistance will eat you up. You won’t be able to see even the small changes you can make. Shift your perspective inward. Remind yourself you’re a weaver. Remember that you’re in the midst of an alchemical process – and one that can bring you into the center of your sense of power and creativity.

Do not give in to the voices of fear and hate that tell you that you can do nothing, but rather focus on the deep inner transformative work that all of us are being called to do at this time. Look deep inside for that internal spark, light, yes, even power, that you have to weave your life.

Then look for the things – no matter how small or insignificant they may seem — that you can weave.

🌿  Take one small step at a time.

🌿  Face your fears and move through them.

🌿  Express gratitude for something – anything, no matter how small.

🌿  Talk about your hopes and dreams and find one step you can take to start bringing them into reality.

🌿  Find one tiny thing you can do to serve someone else today.

🌿  Act with kindness and courtesy toward others.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive.


These acts will awaken your inner creativity. Once it is awakened, you can use it to become the author of your life and the world. That process is a re-weaving. And it’s a process that will not only set you free in the midst of this time of external turmoil and seeming stuckness, but it will help the world to get free.

Want to learn more about reweaving your life and also learn how to weave, reweave, and mend the webs that connect us all (family, groups, institutions, even the body)? I have a course called Weaving Webs that will teach you how to do just that! Learn more here!

I am just about to invite a new cohort or group to join me for this work that is crucial for each of us and for the world right now. Please contact me if you are interested so I can include you in the invitation when registration opens.

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  • Dorothy Friesen

    LOvely. Well put. My animal medicine card in August was SPIDER!!

    • Mary Shields

      Thank you, Dorothy! I love it! What a great synergy!

  • Lisa McCormick

    Please send me more info on your mending web class

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