Are You Feeling the Astro-Fatigue? The Upcoming Full Moon May Create More

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are you feeling the astro-fatigue? This full moon may create more

A friend and I were talking last week, and she said “I’m getting tired of all this astrological stuff.” “Me too,” I replied. I knew this was going to be an epic year, but I had no clue that there was going to be so very much – or how difficult the second half of the year was going to be astrologically (and every other way too).

Are you feeling the astro-fatigue? That’s a new word I coined. It’s there and it’s real, along with compassion fatigue, reactivity fatigue, outrage fatigue, and caution fatigue, and more.

However, as fatigued as we may be, there are also huge gifts in the astrology. For me, it has helped make sense of events that otherwise would be overwhelming and deeply frightening. It has also reminded me that the shadow side, which is mostly what we’re seeing in day-to-day events, is not the only way to see what is happening.

The Deeper Truth

Yes, this chrysalis time is hard. But the astrological events also keep reminding me of the deeper truth: not only are we in a time of transformation of the world as we know it – but we can be co-creators of that new world that is arising from the rubble. I actually think you and I were born for this – it is part of our calling as humans to be co-creators.

That’s the true focus of this upcoming third meeting (conjunction in astrological terms) of Jupiter and Pluto. This meeting will be yet another peak in the crescendo of waves bringing us to the shift happening in December. I am offering an online attunement and community healing session on November 8 to help you move through the craziness of these times.

But before we get to Nov 8, we have a few more peaks. The one coming up in a few days is the full moon on October 31. As it’s the second full moon in the month, it is called a blue moon. This one promises to be a doozy.

Not only is it on Halloween, which hasn’t happened since 1944, but this full moon itself has its own challenges. You may have thought things were polarized enough, but they may get even more polarized. I talked before about the Uranian influence in this lead-up to the Great Conjunction in December. It’s going to be very strong at this full moon.

Uranus Energy is Explosive

What does that mean? On the one hand, Uranus represents energy similar to Mars and Eris, and will contribute rebelliousness, freedom, even explosiveness (Uranus in Taurus is about earthquakes, volcanoes and extreme weather, both literally and metaphorically).

On the other hand, Uranus’ energy will be helpful in several ways. One of my favorite astrologers, Pam Gregory, talks about Uranus bringing the “piercing sword of truth” to events.  We may see shocking or explosive revelations coming up at that time.

Truth will be especially helpful with all the misinformation that’s been swirling for the past few months.  Even more, in the upcoming meeting of Jupiter and Pluto, Jupiter’s energy of honesty and expansion will help us to use that truth for transformation.

Uranus also works with another theme of this year:  the breakdown of the old structures.  However, for Uranus, breakdown is not the end.  The breakdown is always in order to break through.  And for Uranus, the goal of all of this is awakening. That, in turn, supports the energy of Jupiter (expansion) meeting with Pluto (transformation).

Don’t let the astro-fatigue get you down

My hope for you is that you don’t let the astro-fatigue (and other fatigues) get you down.  This is truly the time to double-, triple- and quadruple-up on your spiritual practices.  Make sure you tune into the higher frequencies of these energies (Mars: courage; Eris and Uranus:  breakdown to breakthrough; moving toward awakening; Jupiter and Pluto:  expanding and deepening your transformational work).

Finally, use this full moon to let go.  Let go of all your reactivity. Let go of whatever has been holding you back.  The full moon energy will support this letting go — and the more you can let go of old patterns, etc., the more you’ll be ready for the opportunities that the upcoming Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will bring to tap into your creativity, step into your power, and truly be a co-creator of the new that is coming.

with love and gratitude,

PS:  The Uranian energy, together with the Mars and Eris energies, will still be very strong on November 8, and I will do some work around them during my upcoming Attunement and Community Healing session then.  I invite you to join me.  Check here for more information.

In addition, given the timing of this full moon, I am offering a bonus.  If you are registered for the upcoming attunement by October 31, you will also receive an attunement to this full moon on October 31.  This will be helpful especially for those of you in the US in the lead-up to the election.  Here is the link to register.

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