“Total Eclipse of the Heart:”

Attunement and Community Healing Session for the total solar eclipse and more on April 7, 2024

Thank you for participating in the Attunement and Healing Session last evening!
Please know, if you weren’t able to join us live, you received the session and attunements.

Whoah!  What a powerful session!  I could literally feel some big shifts in my body while the first attunement was happening — a kind of realignment (maybe even structurally).  Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Don’t forget to set an intention today (present tense) for yourself and for the planet!

Total Eclipse of the Heart: April 7, 2024

I already have the sense that the healing work in this session is something you can come back to and it will work in layers, just as the February 18th attunement is doing. In fact, I think they will work well in tandem. Both will be active for at least two more months, and most likely the rest of the year.  It is also going to be hugely helpful for preparing for the Jupiter-Uranus meeting (conjunction) on April 20th.

Don’t underestimate the power of a group of people gathering together to do this work. When we held space for the world, the energy we sent out was very strong and clear.

The power of our connection with the Great Pyramid, and with the group in Egypt, also blew me away. Remember that we were gathering with several hundred others around the world. I could feel the very strong web we co-created and joined. Thank you for your heart and your care! The ripples will be huge.

I set up this session recording to work kind of like a tea bag. Listen as often as you like, and whatever you still need from the session will “kick in” again. This is definitely a session where you will do deeper healing of layers as you listen again.

I encourage you to be gentle with yourself the next few days, and drink plenty of water! And don’t forget to find ways to ground yourself every day (whether it’s hugging a tree, putting your bare feet on the earth).  

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Breaking Free and Moving Beyond

Registration is open for the next Attunement and Healing Session on April 21st.  As I said on the call, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is even more important than this solar eclipse. It’s bringing in a huge energy shift; and it will be the ignition point for all that’s to follow for the rest of the year, and indeed for the next 20 years!

If you have the attunement package, you are already registered; you don’t need to do anything. You will receive the Zoom information well before the session.

If you do not have the package, or wish to join the attunement package community, I hope you will join us for the session on April 21st. Here is the link to register. More information is coming in the next few days. But also see below to receive it as part of the 2024 Year of Attunements.

Since this is a pivotal year astrologically, and life-changing year on every level, the 2024 Year of Attunements is still available. Here is the link for further information.

It includes the February 18th attunement and all of the attunements I offer to the public this year (probably at least 8-10), plus remote attunements for important events throughout the year, plus attunements to all the Celtic cross-quarter and quarter holidays (solstices and equinoxes), and more.

I am happy to offer a payment plan if you need to pay over time. In that case, please reach out here. Once again, the link for further information on the year of attunements is here.

In the meantime, thank you again! May this session support you in the deep healing work that will help you navigate the transformations of this year of revolution and evolution. May it also help you navigate all that this eclipse is bringing as well as what we will experience in the build-up to April 20th.

with love and gratitude,

PS: If you want just the February 18th attunement, here is the link to register for it. And here is the link for more information on it.