A Gratitude Practice for Healing and Wellbeing

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A Gratitude Practice for Healing and Wellbeing

I’d like to share with you a practice called “The Four Gratitudes” that has been life-changing for me. It helps me to be more present, and to have more joy from day to day.

The Source of the Practice

I learned this practice in my studies in the Wounded Healer path, which sees all of our past wounds, trauma, and even difficult experiences,  as the very place from which personal and spiritual growth arises. Its roots are in native spiritual traditions.

Clearing out the stored emotions from your past frees you to truly fulfill your life’s purpose — and to find and to embrace gifts that you didn’t know you had.   

It’s a spiritual rather than a psychological path in the sense that the Divine (Source or Spirit or Life or however you image that which is beyond you) works in and with you to do this healing.  

The Four Gratitudes

In the Wounded Healer Path, the Four Gratitudes are often prayed at the start of group healing work. 

The first gratitude is giving thanks to the Divine or Spirit or Source (however you image that which is beyond you). 

Giving thanks for all who have come before you is the second gratitude.  That includes all your teachers and mentors – yes, even those who taught you what not to do. It also includes all those who paved the way for you through the millennia.

The third gratitude is giving thanks for all that has taken place in your journey to bring you to this place.

And the fourth Gratitude is giving thanks for what the Divine is about to do.

The Practice

The practice itself is a series of 4 simple prayers:

  1. Thank you for coming to help us.
  2. Thank you for all those who have gone before us.
  3. Thank you for everything you have already done.
  4. Thank you for what you are about to do.

I have found this practice to be a very powerful beginning to the Mending Webs work I do with families and groups.  For me, the practice has also been central in my professional and personal path.  

An Invitation

Before every class, and at the start of most days, I spend time in these Four Gratitudes.  I invite you to do the same.  If you pray these prayers individually, simply substitute “me” for “us.”

Please let me know what you notice: Are you more present? Are you able to experience and receive more joy?  What is your experience with the Four Gratitudes?

With love and wishes for much joy and many blessings,


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